Technology is a process of passive change

On August 12, 2020, the Boao real estate forum 2020, hosted by viewpoint real estate, opened in Hainan. The theme of the forum is “real estate vision: a reborn world”. According to the development of science and technology, Tang Fen, director and President of Yuanda Housing Industry Group Co., Ltd., points out that it is not so much science and technology that changes life, but that life changes technology and human nature promotes technology. Because all the behaviors of enterprises and the original power of science and technology research and development come from the insight and satisfaction of human needs. Because only in satisfaction and change can we create value and realize income. A few years ago, I still remember that the fresh air system was all about how to deal with PM2.5. Today, everyone said that we should fight against the new coronavirus. When the epidemic comes, we dare not press the elevator. We have to voice control. In the future family life, the education of children, the accompanying of the elderly, and the first aid of medical treatment are not only in the family, in the property and in the community, but also in the whole city and the large platform system of the whole society. In the future, there must be a way to connect and break these isolated data islands. Only by connecting these data islands in series, can its system value be fully reflected. Science and technology, to some extent, is based on the needs of life and human nature. It is a process of passive change. Science Discovery