Ten generations of core blessing, thin fuselage, ThinkPad S2 is still that office king?

What are the features and upgrades of ThinkPad S2 for business office? Is Wang’s ThinkPad a continuation of ThinkPad? < / P > < p > the core of a laptop must be performance. This time, ThinkPad S2 is equipped with i5-10210u and i7-10510u two latest processors. Two 8GB DDR4 2666hz memory forms a dual channel, which improves office efficiency from performance. In terms of storage space, ThinkPad S2 is equipped with 512gb solid-state hard disk. This one in my hand is a solid-state drive from Samsung, and its quality is certainly good. < / P > < p > in this increasingly fast pace of work, mobile office has become the norm in 2020. As a business office notebook, portability is absolutely one of the important factors. A heavy laptop will increase your travel fatigue and may also make you in a hurry on the way back and forth between the work station and the conference room. < / P > < p > as a 13.3-inch laptop, the ThinkPad S2 is 17.6mm in size. It is relatively thin in the notebook and weighs only 1.38kg. It is very light to put in the bag or hold it in the hand. < / P > < p > the ThinkPad S2 is equipped with a 13.3-inch screen, and the 8.24mm narrow border makes the whole screen more visual and, of course, can further reduce the size of the whole screen. Up to 250 nit is supported, and the resolution is 1920 * 1080. < / P > < p > for example, this screen supports 180 degree opening and closing, which is very important in team communication. You can break the computer into a tablet and lay it on the desktop, so that colleagues can see the contents displayed on the computer from all angles. It is a design designed for business, which is very easy to use. < / P > < p > at the same time, ThinkPad S2 also supports touch-screen operation, which makes the operation more intuitive and convenient. < / P > < p > limited by size and thickness, the keyboard of a thin notebook usually only stays on the evaluation that it can be used. This is also a very important point of the popularity of ThinkPad series, that is, the keyboard feel of ThinkPad in notebook is definitely the first echelon. This time, the ThinkPad S2 is no exception equipped with the ThinkPad full-size backlit keyboard, which makes the keyboard feel very comfortable. < / P > < p > the keyboard of ThinkPad S2 also has splash proof design, which I think is very important in office. Coffee cups and water cups on the workstation are always easy to be damaged by careless colleagues. Once they enter the computer, it is easy to cause damage. However, the time lost due to notebook damage and the data that may be lost are more important than the notebook itself. < / P > < p > as a member of the ThinkPad family, & quot; ancestral & quot; Little red riding hood is also a must. As long as you have used little red riding hood in office, you will fall in love with this design, because it can let you focus on the keyboard with both hands during operation, which is more efficient. For example, I usually use Excel more often. After getting used to Little Red Riding Hood, the efficiency will be much faster. Moreover, in some scenes where the space is narrow and inconvenient to use the mouse, it can also work efficiently. < / P > < p > when laptops become thinner and smaller, there are fewer and fewer computer interfaces. For example, macbook has only two type-C interfaces. In the current office field, only the type-C interface is not enough. Although the expansion dock can solve certain problems, you need to carry it with you. Once you forget to bring the expansion dock, the whole office will work The efficiency is greatly reduced. < / P > < p > ThinkPad S2 has very rich interfaces on its ultra-thin body. First of all, there are two fully functional type-C interfaces, and there is a USB 3.1 interface on the left and right. I think this is also good. Some laptops have USB interfaces on one side, and there are often fights between the power cord and the mouse cable. < / P > < p > HDMI interface is also very easy to use in the office. It can be connected with an external monitor in the work station, and can be removed at any time when a meeting is needed. A headset microphone connector, a micro SD card slot and a safety lock hole. On the whole, the interface of ThinkPad S2 basically covers the common scenes of business office. If an SD card slot is added, it may be even more suitable for image workers. < / P > < p > when you go out to work or have a centralized meeting, your computer must last long enough. The ThinkPad S2 is equipped with a 46whr high-capacity battery, and its battery life is excellent. It supports fast charging. It can charge about 80% of the power in one hour. When the meeting breaks, it can be charged for a short time, and then it can continue. In business office, security is always the top priority. After all, your computer may not have much money, but the information, data and content in it have great commercial value. ThinkPad S2 as a business office laptop, through press fingerprint identification to ensure information security. < / P > < p > at the same time, it provides the design of physical locking camera. I believe that many office workers will be used to pasting a piece of paper on the camera to prevent the camera from being called. And this physical locking design can better protect privacy. The safety lock hole can also ensure that the computer will not be lost when leaving the station. < / P > < p > in general, ThinkPad S2 continues the targeted design of ThinkPad family for business office field, upgrades a new generation of processor in performance, and provides excellent performance in business office scene in terms of screen, keyboard, interface, endurance and security. The release of ThinkPad S2 is likely to lock in the next wave of office hot notebooks. Whether it is purchased by individuals or by companies, I believe ThinkPad S2 will be a very popular choice. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer