Ten mobile phones with high price and low configuration: the first one is not unjust, the second is true, and the ninth is unexpected

The price of 5g mobile phones exceeds that of 4G mobile phones. This year, domestic mobile phones have hit the high-end as a whole. As a result, there are fewer and fewer real cost-effective mobile phones, but high price and low configuration are everywhere. Huibao released the 2020 low configuration and high price mobile phone ranking, let’s see which mobile phones are high price and low configuration.

Samsung note20 is not unjust to get this number one. The price of 7399 yuan is plastic body. The 1080p resolution face-to-face screen only supports the default 60Hz refresh rate. The fast charging combination of 25W wired + 15W wireless cannot be compared with domestic mobile phones. Because of this, the pre-sale number of this mobile phone is only 202, which is pitifully small.

Samsung note20 adopts a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen, supports ultrasonic screen fingerprint identification, carries snapdragon 865 +, and provides 8 + 256gb storage combination. The front-end 10 megapixel single shot, the rear 64 million pixel long focus + 12 million pixel main camera + 12 million pixel ultra wide angle three camera combination, and the built-in 4300mah battery.

there are three types of vivo X50 series: Standard Version X50, large cup X50 pro and super large cup X50 PRO +. Compared with the latter two models, the X50 with 3498 yuan belongs to the typical high price and low configuration. But it is also clear that the X50 is also the best seller. In this case, why not maximize profits?

the vivo X50 features a 6.56 inch E3 Samsung AMOLED screen, supports a 90hz refresh rate and screen fingerprint, carries a snapdragon 765G processor, a 32 megapixel self portrait camera, and a 48 megapixel customized main camera imx598, 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, 13 megapixel 50 mm focal length portrait lens and 5 megapixel 1.5 cm macro camera. Built in 4200mah battery, supporting 33W fast charging.

a mobile phone with a snapdragon 765G can be bought for 1399 yuan at least, but the X50 is sold for 3498 yuan, which is really not kind. However, we should also see that the vivo X50 has excellent photos and beautiful design. There are also many celebrity spokesmen, which cost money. With these, even if they sell to 3498 yuan, they will not worry about selling them.

the price of vivo X50 Pro is as high as 4298 yuan, and the processor is also a snapdragon 765G. Why didn’t it enter the top ten?

as the classic R series was cut off and the new Reno series was introduced, the sales volume declined and the market share was surpassed by vivo. Reno4 is a return to the R series positioning, which is what netizens call high price, low configuration, factory sister machine.

oppo reno4 adopts a 6.4-inch E3 AMOLED screen, supports 60Hz refresh rate, carries a snapdragon 765G processor, front 32 million pixel main camera + 2 million pixel depth of field self shot dual shot, rear 48 million pixel main camera + 8 million pixel ultra wide angle + 2 million pixel black and white lens, built-in 4020mah battery, supporting 65W fast charging. The price is 2999 yuan.

S7 adopts 6.44 inch AMOLED small bangs full screen, equipped with snapdragon 765G processor, front 44 million pixels + 8 million pixels super self timer dual camera, rear 64 million pixel main camera + 8 million pixel ultra wide angle + 2MP three camera, built-in 4000mAh battery, supporting 33W fast charging. The starting price is 2798 yuan.

there are four Huawei mobile phones in the top ten. The price of Huawei P40 is the most expensive, while the price of Huawei Changxiang 10e is the lowest. Only glory 30s is listed on the list. This mobile phone is quite unexpected. The first Kirin 820 is equipped with 64 million pixel four camera, 8 million pixel super wide angle and 8 million pixel long focus, and it is built-in 4000mAh battery, supporting 40W fast charging, the current price has dropped to 2099 yuan, which is much higher than glory X10.

with the rapid development of domestic mobile phones, the boundary between low price and high price and low price is becoming more and more blurred. Ov’s offline flagship rarely carries flagship processors, so it’s not appropriate to say that high price and low configuration is also inappropriate, because ov focuses on texture, photography and design. Offline channels have agents, sales staff and store operating costs, so they can’t achieve online low profit and price A little higher is understandable. But as Samsung note20 is just about making money and shrinking, it’s really not kind. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!