Tencent is not the only one injured. After wechat is targeted, the US enterprise with a trillion market value may suffer a heavy blow

First, on May 15, the United States, regardless of the stability of the global semiconductor industry chain, wantonly upgraded the chip ban against Huawei, causing losses to many semiconductor enterprises around the world. Secondly, on August 3, the trump government officially announced that tiktok, a short video application platform under “byte skipping”, must find an American buyer before September 15, otherwise it will be banned in the United States. The news caused a stir in the global market. If the United States is afraid of Huawei’s strong R & D strength in the field of communication, what is the purpose of tiktok, a mobile Internet application platform? < / P > < p > we should know that tiktok doesn’t have high technology content, otherwise Facebook can’t easily imitate it. However, in the face of doubts from the outside world, the trump government did not give an explanation. Instead, it became more and more “Crazy”. According to the latest report from the news agency of Bloomberg, trump ordered to prohibit American companies and wechat from doing business. < / P > < p > and the release of this news also made Tencent’s share price fall by 10%. Similarly, the trump government has not given a reasonable explanation for the crackdown on wechat, which means that this is another wanton act of trump. However, after wechat is targeted this time, it is not only Tencent in China who is injured, but also the US enterprise with a trillion market value, which is apple. As we all know, wechat is the most popular instant messaging software with the largest number of users in China. According to the data, the number of registered users of wechat in China is as high as 1 billion, so Chinese users have a very high dependence on wechat. < / P > < p > therefore, if Apple is ultimately limited by Trump’s ban on wechat and can’t load wechat software on iPhone, or let wechat be distributed online in app store, then iPhone will lose its Chinese market. < / P > < p > after all, to a large extent, without the iPhone, Chinese consumers can still choose Huawei, oppo and vivo. But without wechat, the social network established by Chinese users for a long time will be destroyed, which is what most users do not want to see. < / P > < p > it can be said that this time apple is really ruined by trump. If the cooperation between wechat and apple can not be solved after September 15, then Apple will face huge losses in the future, because according to the data analysis of overseas analysts, Apple’s operating revenue in the Chinese market accounts for 25% of Apple’s total revenue. < / P > < p > in this regard, foreign media have also received a lot of comments, including comments that trump has really played big this time, and cook can’t help but stand up and speak. < p > < p > this time, the US’s crackdown on Chinese Internet companies really means that they are throwing stones at their own feet. After all, apple, as a giant in the U.S. science and technology circle, contributes a lot of tax revenue to the U.S. every year. Unfortunately, it meets “pig teammates”, which not only does not help Apple move towards a better development direction, but also tries to do everything possible To stop and suppress the development of Apple company, this is really helpless. However, compared with apple, Google is much more fortunate, because Android is an open-source system, so even if the United States issued a ban, it can only work in the U.S. market, and has no effect in overseas markets. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865