Tencent should “thank” trump? The number of wechat downloads in the United States doubled, and even QQ increased a lot

The complexity of international affairs is not like that of a child in a family. Today I am not happy to play with you and break up with you. In the future, we may not be in contact with each other. At most, we will lose a friend. Other things may not have any impact. However, it is not so simple between countries, enterprises and enterprises. There are countless interests involved behind. Every decision affects countless industries and interest chains. It is not so easy to make decisions. However, if a country wants to do something about something, it must consider it from the overall point of view, and not like a child’s housekeeper who says that if he turns his face, he will turn over his face. This will not only not bring benefits to itself, but also bring unexpected disadvantages. The trump administration of the United States is such a playful government that completes international relations. The Trump Administration recently fired the gun at the Tencent’s WeChat after shaking the tiktok overseas Tik Tok. Trump said I wanted to punish WeChat! You are endangering our national security! I only give you 45 days to think about it! < / P > < p > however, it is unexpected that wechat is totally indifferent. It always sits there watching trump play wild on the other side of the ocean, joking, Tik Tok doesn’t matter to the Chinese. Wechat has moved the basic social network platform of Chinese people. When Chinese people with a quarter of the world’s population get angry, they ask trump, are you afraid? < / P > < p > Tencent should “thank” trump? Why is this? Because the number of wechat downloads doubled in the United States, even QQ has increased a lot. Just a few days after the ban was issued, the download volume of wechat overseas version actually increased by 41% compared with that before the ban, and the average daily growth rate was 5% – 6% for a week. At the same time, Tencent’s other product QQ is also a surge in download volume, suddenly more than twice the usual download volume. The reason is very simple. Isn’t trump not allowing us to use wechat? Well, let’s quickly download more wechat and transfer all the information out. Anyway, it’s all Tencent products. Do you have a ban on QQ? When wechat really doesn’t work, we can use QQ again. < / P > < p > it has to be said that Trump’s ban has done a good job. Not only did it not have a substantial impact on Tencent, but also made a free overseas advertisement for Tencent QQ, which not only soared the number of wechat downloads, but also led to QQ. < / P > < p > why is Tencent always calm in the face of Trump’s ban? In fact, the core factor is not that Tencent’s user base is too large, but if trump is really determined to prevent Apple’s mobile phones from being installed on wechat in the world, including China, Apple will not agree. Apple’s annual income in China accounts for 25% of its total revenue, and it is obviously impossible for cook to give up this cake. < p > < p > in addition, Tencent is not a new company, but a new company with no solid business background. Tencent is already the leading leader in the Internet industry in China, and it is also the world’s number one game company. Besides apple, Tencent also has in-depth cooperation with many business giants in the world, such as Wal Mart, P & G, Ford Motor, etc 。 < / P > < p > If trump wants to use Tencent’s wechat, Tencent will certainly cause some obstacles to these business partners. Even if each company makes them make less money in the international market competition and domestic competition in China, the combined losses of these American enterprises are not a little bit. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!