Tencent to the United States to explain! Apple or wechat?

On August 12, at a conference call after Tencent released its second quarter results, analysts asked questions about how much revenue Tencent had from the United States and American companies. In response, James Mitchell, Chief Strategic Officer and senior executive vice president of Tencent, said that the proportion of revenue from the United States accounted for less than 2% of the total revenue, of which the proportion of advertising revenue from the United States accounted for less than 1%. < / P > < p > James Mitchell said that if you look at the ban carefully, Trump’s ban clearly points to the United States, so he doesn’t think it will have an impact on the company’s advertising on Tencent’s Chinese platform. < p > < p > in addition, according to the report of Peng Bo, Luo shuohan, Tencent’s chief financial officer, said the US ban was mainly focused on wechat app’s U.S. business rather than other businesses of the company in the United States. Tencent is seeking more explanation from the US side, he said. On August 6, local time, US President trump signed an executive order saying that tiktok and wechat posed a threat to the national security of the United States, and would prohibit any US individual or entity from conducting any transaction with tiktok, wechat and its Chinese parent company in 45 days. < p > < p > on the evening of August 7, Tencent Holdings (issued a clarification notice saying that the company was reviewing the potential consequences of the executive order in order to better understand its impact on the group. The company will issue further announcement in due course. In the conference call, Tencent executives also elaborated on overseas strategies, including protecting user privacy, paying attention to data security, complying with local laws and regulations, and actively seeking win-win cooperation with local partners. < / P > < p > some people disdain to think that this is simply “sending sub questions” without thinking, because “whether Chinese people can survive without wechat is a problem”. < / P > < p > for China’s “fruit powder”, this may be a difficult choice. In Trump’s round of encirclement and suppression of China’s high-tech enterprises on the ground of national security, tiktok has attracted much attention, but the US ban has no substantial impact on ordinary Chinese people. The threat to wechat is different. Some industry insiders interpret that after September 20, wechat download services provided by apple and Google App mall may be forced off the shelves. Android users may be able to bypass Google to download and install software, but iPhone users may be forced to abandon wechat. < / P > < p > tired of social media and ridiculed by Chinese netizens who are tied up with wechat and work for 24 hours, taking the opportunity to unload wechat is not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe the happiness index of life will be improved. However, according to recent online surveys, the vast majority of Chinese netizens will realistically give up iPhones for wechat, and others will be proud to switch to domestic brands like Huawei and Hongmeng. Some netizens said, “without apple, you can still choose Huawei. Without wechat, can you use Facebook?” Some people disdain to think that this is simply “sending sub questions” without thinking, because “whether Chinese people can survive without wechat is a problem”. < / P > < p > the wording of Trump’s executive order is not clear. It may end up as a show, but it can also have a serious impact. Apple, which attaches great importance to the Chinese market, may suffer as a result. Market analysts pointed out that iPhone sales in China will fall 30% in the pessimistic situation of Apple App mall’s full removal of wechat. Apple has been in China for many years. Last year, it made a special price reduction. In order to match the Chinese market, it also decided to let the new iPhone 12, which will be launched this autumn, support the Beidou navigation system. Once wechat is removed from its stores, these efforts to win over Chinese consumers will be in vain. < / P > < p > Apple is not the only one affected. Starbucks, KFC, Disney, McDonald’s and other U.S. enterprises have highly relied on wechat platform to contact Chinese consumers and provide online ordering and reservation services. Now these enterprises may also become the victims of trump government’s blocking of wechat. To a certain extent, this shows that the fierce confrontation between China and the United States makes it hard to win. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally