“Textbook” industrial design? Rog magic 15 double baking and dismantling machine, sufficient heat dissipation and stacking

When choosing a laptop, the most important thing is performance, followed by appearance design, memory, screen and other aspects. There is also a very important cooling function. Only when the heat dissipation is in place, the operation of the whole machine will be smooth. Otherwise, even if the performance is stronger, it will be useless. Recently, eye of faith (Rog) launched Rog magic 15 designer. This new product has gained a lot of popularity with its excellent high-end design, top performance and professional 4K screen. What about the heat dissipation performance of this Rog magic 15? We might as well explore it by dismantling the machine. < / P > < p > before dismantling, we tested the Rog magic 15 toaster with Furmark doughnut + Aida 64 FPU double baking test, the time is 15 minutes, after the test, the results show that: the CPU core temperature is stable at about 79 ℃, the graphics card core temperature is stable at 73 ℃, the CPU core frequency is stable at 3.1ghz, there is no frequency reduction in the middle. < / P > < p > from the results of the photo roaster, Rog magic 15 uses a brand-new glacier cooling architecture 2.0, which releases the performance of core i7-10875h processor and RTX 2060 independent graphics card. However, during this period, the fan with full speed also makes Rog magic 15 bring some noise. However, considering the high load of daily production and office work is far inferior to the toaster, so the actual daily use, both performance release and noise control performance will be better. < / P > < p > after the baking machine test, after the machine cools down and stabilizes, we dismantle it. After removing the d-plane, we can see that the overall outline is very fresh, the parts are placed and arranged neatly, and the industrial design strength of the eye of faith is still appropriate. No wonder the 15.6 inch body thickness of Rog magic 15 is only 20.5mm and 1.9kg light, which benefits from the scientific nature of internal industrial design. < p > < p > in terms of heat dissipation, we can see that there are enough materials for the cooling system equipped with glacier cooling structure 2.0. There are 205 0.1 mm ultra-thin ice wing fins in the radiator with a total of 6 heat pipes. The heat of the fuselage is discharged by four air outlets, and the CPU core has thermal Grizzly violent bear liquid metal helps the CPU cool down, which can drain the power released by the CPU in the first time. < / P > < p > Rog magic 15 is equipped with 16GB DDR4 high-frequency memory. A graphene heat sink is attached on the top, which is located on the right side above the battery position. It is also equipped with up to 1TB nvme SSD, which is located on the left side above the battery location, and the heat dissipation patch is also attached on the top, which is in bright color. < / P > < p > further to the right are reserved memory slots and on-board expansion up to 48gb, and m.2 interfaces supporting RAID 0. A black graphene heat sink is attached on the top of the expanded memory slot to let the heat release more thoroughly. < / P > < p > and then look at the location of the fans. Two 12V dust isolation fans with LCP blades are equipped with dust removal channel design, which are respectively located above the left and right sides, connect the heat pipes distributed horizontally in the middle, and then connect the air outlets on both sides, occupying a large area. Under the condition of full performance, the speed of the fan can reach 7000 turns, and the heat emission rate is very awesome. It is more powerful than many game books, so the wind noise is also inevitable. < / P > < p > compared with the volume of the two fans, the battery of Rog magic 15 looks small, but its capacity is as high as 76wh, which is higher than the battery capacity of many game books. It also supports bidirectional USB power delivery, which can be easily charged with just a type-C charger. The longest endurance can be up to 8 hours. If you surf the Internet, it can last 6.5 hours. < / P > < p > in summary, Rog magic 15, as a top designer, really saw the advanced industrial design level of Rog through disassembly. Among them, the materials and design of the whole heat dissipation module of glacier cooling architecture 2.0 were in place, so it also achieved very good results in the toaster test. The whole cooling system of Rog magic 15 can meet the cooling requirements of the core i7-10875h processor, RTX 2060 independent graphics card, large capacity memory and storage, and professional 4K display screen. The key is that Rog magic 15 has also achieved a lightweight fuselage design to meet the needs of creative people for portability, which is quite rare. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer