Thailand’s most fashionable temple, Temple Buddha not only foot wearing converse, but also with an Apple phone in the waist

As soon as the Buddha statues in the temple are mentioned, I can’t help but imagine that the Buddha is sitting on the hall, or Guanyin’s eyes and eyebrows are charitable, and holding a clean bottle in hand. No matter what the Buddha’s action is, it makes people feel solemn and solemn. Therefore, I don’t dare to enter the temple because I’m afraid I’m not pious enough and profane the gods. < / P > < p > however, the world is so big that not all the Buddhist statues in temples are solemn and solemn. There is a temple in Thailand that can be said to be in the forefront of fashion. The Buddha statues in the temple not only wear converse on their feet, but also have Apple Mobile phones in their waists, and hold cigars in their hands, which are very different from the Buddhist statues in temples that don’t eat people’s fireworks Unique Buddha statues, temples are known as the most fashionable temples in Thailand. Have you heard of them? < / P > < p > the name of this temple is Takai temple, which is located in Meisha Town, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Thailand is a Buddhist country, so there are many temples. The Takai temple was originally a very ordinary temple, and it did not receive too much attention. After being renovated, it became the most popular temple in Thailand, attracting countless tourists. It is really popular on the Internet. < / P > < p > the appearance of this temple is no different from that of other temples. However, when you walk to the gate of the temple, you can find two distinctive Buddha statues. One is carrying a big knife on his left shoulder, a cigar in his right hand, his fingers are covered with gold rings, and his feet are wearing red Converse canvas shoes. The other is holding a cigar in his left hand and making a rock and roll posture in his right hand , with a fairy stick on his chest and slippers on his feet, it’s really fashionable and cool. < / P > < p > if you go further into the temple, you will see statues with iPad in one hand and drinks in the other, pictures of Altman and spider man fighting gongs in the same frame, and statues with apple mobile phones pinned on the waist. Some people think that the temple is keeping pace with the times, very kind and friendly to the people. Most tourists will see such Buddha statues, and they will be very interesting, but also Some people say that the practice of this temple is not very good. After all, Buddhism is a holy land. Even if we want to keep pace with the times, we can’t make fun of Buddha statues like this. This is disrespect for Buddha statues. < / P > < p > in fact, innovation is always controversial. In different people’s minds, their views on such innovative methods are naturally different. How do you view this temple? < p > < p > Thailand has become a world tourist destination, with tens of millions of people visiting Thailand every year, while China is the largest tourist source country of Thailand. There are also many places worth visiting in Thailand, such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket Island, etc. there are also many special tourism experience projects, such as watching demon performances, Thai massage, and water in Thailand The fruit is also very delicious and can be eaten. < p > < p > Thailand has beautiful scenery, is relatively close to China, and its consumption is not too high. Naturally, it has become the first choice for many tourists to travel abroad. Do you want to travel to Thailand? Welcome to share your views in the comments below! Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?