That’s all for the iPhone 12 series, I don’t want to wait!

It was supposed to be released on September 16, but it was not released. There is a certain shortage in the supply of some parts of the four models of iPhone 12 series, leading to the failure of some models to be released as scheduled. Apple’s autumn launch was expected to be held in September as usual, but official news has indicated that this year’s iPhone 12 series will be delayed by several weeks. This is the forced choice of most industries at home and abroad under the impact of the epidemic. Especially for the supply chain system which needs production activities, it is easy to be forced to stop production, resulting in a large backlog of orders, which brings pressure to the parts supply of iPhone 12. < / P > < p > the iPhone 12 series will return to the right angle cutting design of iPhone 4, with edges and corners, and the classic design of jobs will appear in front of users once again. But the bangs are still the same bangs, and they haven’t changed; the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 is the lowest, at 2227 MAH. IPhone 12 Max is 2775mah, iphone12 Pro is 2815mah, and iphone12 Pro Max is 3687mah. The appearance innovation of iPhone 12 is also tiny. The appearance of iPhone 12 is still designed with bangs full screen. The iPhone 12 series only reduces part of the fringe area and border width, which is a relatively conventional upgrade. As the fourth generation product of bangs full screen, the appearance of iphone12 series will inevitably give people a sense of aesthetic fatigue. < / P > < p > the reason why iPhone 12 is so popular is that it is the first Apple iPhone to support 5g network, and it is equipped with the world’s most advanced 5nm process A14 chip for the first time. In particular, the performance of Apple’s own chip has been in the absolute leading position, which inevitably makes many fruit powder add some expectations to its 5nm chip. < / P > < p > nowadays, 5g has become a hot spot, and hundreds of millions of fruit powder pay more attention to the iPhone supporting 5g. Last year, Apple launched iPhone 11 without 5g network, which is regrettable. By this year, Apple will have to make the iPhone 12 support 5g, or it will be out of date. < / P > < p > judging from the soaring price of 5g Android phones this year, apple obviously wants to reduce the overall cost by eliminating the attached charging head and headset. At the same time, there are rumors that Apple will adjust some parts of the new machine to offset the high cost of 5g support. There is no need to say much about the importance of battery life for mobile terminals, and apple chose to avoid it. Maybe the situation is not optimistic. Considering that the increase of independent 5g baseband of the iPhone 12 is bound to greatly increase power consumption, as well as the rumor that the iPhone 12 battery has shrunk before, the more rational expectation at present is to maintain the similar level of the previous generation of products, so don’t expect too much. < / P > < p > in the past two years, the domestic mobile phone market has developed rapidly, and more and more manufacturers have begun to pay attention to configuration, design and user experience. We have also seen a lot of innovation points: long-range focus, 100 million pixels, wired and wireless super fast charging, high brush fluid screen, ceramic Ag skin and more and more used systems. Many people think that Android is becoming more and more popular now. The iPhone seems not to be the strongest. By contrast, it has become a “balance”. If Android can improve the background management mechanism and privacy fragmentation, I believe Apple will become a “cost-effective” brand in the near future. In a word, if you don’t want to change 5g mobile phones, there’s no need to wait for iPhone 12. What do you think? Now the iPhone is all about the system, and there’s no advantage anywhere else. Domestic mobile phones, whether Huawei millet, oppo, vivo, it does not smell? Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine