That’s bullshit! White House “cold war elements” once again refresh three views, the host has been confused

According to the global network, Navarro, known as the cold war element in the White House, once again refreshed people’s three views in an interview with CNN, even the host of the interview was confused. We know that the United States is now focusing its artillery on tiktok. In the face of this situation, byte hop also announced that it is willing to divest the business, and Microsoft will purchase it. This is a good thing for the United States, but Navarro criticized Microsoft in an interview. As for his routine, he first discredited tiktok, claiming that the software would collect user data and let young people in the United States be monitored by the Chinese government. Secondly, Microsoft was accused of having an affair with China. Of course, he also provided evidence. But this evidence not only failed to prove his point of view, but also proved that Navarro was an American politician with no lower limit and too much nonsense. According to him, Microsoft has a lot of business in China and they should sell them. If we use his simple and crude logic, there are very few American enterprises that do not have private connections with China. After all, today’s China has become the most extensive country in the world, even American enterprises are not willing to give up the Chinese market easily. For example, if it is not because the Chinese market has brought them enough temptation, why should Microsoft enter the Chinese market? As for Navarro, who criticized Microsoft for this, either his logic was too simple and too simple to be frightening, or he pretended to be confused with understanding. < / P > < p > and if he is the former, we can only say that he is not suitable to be a politician. Although not all politicians can be regarded as sophisticated, objectively speaking, politicians think more than ordinary people. Only in this way can they reduce the possibility of making mistakes when they adopt relevant strategies. If he is the latter, then we can only say that this person is bad and infringes on the legitimate interests of other enterprises and the state for the sake of personal political interests, which is also a point that many people despise. < / P > < p > it is normal that the United States will increase its crackdown on China. Of course, the reason why we say this is not because we want to support the behavior of the United States. It is just that the stronger the US approach to China, the more evidence that China has posed a threat to the United States. What is certain is that China itself is not an aggressive country. After all, if we were as keen on war as some western media discredited, our fight with western countries would not stop more than a decade ago. Today, China has become a recognized world power, but in this case, our foreign policy is still based on equality, which is a rare scene among many world powers, and it is precisely because more and more countries are willing to follow China. Such a situation will certainly make the United States feel threatened. In addition, Trump’s popularity among the public continues to decline, which further reduces the possibility of his successful election. Therefore, whether from the perspective of the election campaign or the overall strategy of the United States, it is normal that the United States will increase sanctions against China. What’s more, if the United States increases its sanctions on China, the cooperation between the two countries will also be greatly affected, which is not conducive to the development of each other. Can the relationship between China and the United States be eased? First of all, it can be determined that the relationship between China and the United States depends mainly on the decision of the United States. As a peace loving country, China certainly hopes to coexist peacefully with the United States, but only if the United States is willing to treat China with a peaceful attitude. China’s foreign policy has always been firm. As long as other countries do not trample on China’s bottom line or infringe on China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, peace is the most important thing. However, once a country violates our bottom line, even if we know clearly that the other side is a strong enemy, we will never choose to swallow our indignation. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo

Author: zmhuaxia