That’s how the iPhone 12 is set? No A14, B14 up?

In the early morning of September 16, apple held its autumn product launch as scheduled, but the protagonist was not the iPhone 12 series we had been expecting for a long time. In fact, this was also expected, because there had been quite a lot of news earlier that the iPhone 12 series would be absent. But the question is, when is the actual release time of the iPhone 12? Recently, insiders of European operators have revealed that apple is likely to hold a new product launch on October 13, when all the iPhone 12 series we are thinking about will be on the stage. In addition, they also revealed that the new phone will be pre-sale on October 16 and officially on October 23. < / P > < p > but in addition to the release time, the iPhone 12 MINI has also been mentioned by informants. In addition to its relatively low price, there are also unexpected configurations. According to foreign bloggers, the latest iPhone 12 Mini is likely to carry a B14 processor. The so-called B14 processor can be understood as a reduced frequency version of A14 processor, which has a certain reduction in absolute performance, while the other three higher priced iPhone 12 series phones will carry the conventional A14 processor. < / P > < p > and why to reduce the frequency? The purpose is very simple. Sacrificing performance gives priority to ensuring the battery life. Interestingly, among the iPhone 12 series exposed, the lowest endurance is only 2227mah. In this way, it makes sense to sacrifice the performance to guarantee the battery life and launch the reduced frequency A14. However, B14 processor is based on A14 processor. Even if the frequency is reduced, the performance will not be too bad, and there is no problem to satisfy the smooth operation of mobile phone. < / P > < p > for the names of the new iPhone series, whether it uses “mini” or not, the lowest matching iPhone 12 is likely to become a product that sets off a higher version of the iPhone. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!