The 10th anniversary of the development of the Internet, no one in China can surpass this technology

In the golden decade of mobile Internet, there have been many Internet technology companies worthy of praise. But in mobile payment, no country can surpass us. < / P > < p > ten years ago, although we had been able to shop on the Internet, it was a very annoying thing to pay. I believe many people are not unfamiliar with U shield. In addition to enterprises, we also used U shield for personal payment at that time.

at that time, Alipay did not get through with the bank card. If we were shopping on the Internet, we would either recharge the money to the balance or use the bank card to pay. If we use the bank card, we must first open the Internet bank to make payment on the Internet. Moreover, many banks can only operate in order to ensure the safety of the customers’ funds. Only when the U shield is inserted. Many times, due to the network environment, there are often unsuccessful payments, which make us upset and irritable. The payment method of < / P > < p > greatly affects the user experience. In 2010, Alipay launched fast payment, which opened the channel between banks and Alipay. In this way, users can deduct money directly in the binding bank card without paying the charge in advance to Alipay, nor do they need to open the U shield again. Undoubtedly, this greatly improves the efficiency of payment. < / P > < p > in 2020, it has been 10 years since fast payment, and mobile payment has penetrated into all aspects of our life. Every year, Chinese people spend 190 thousand on Alipay’s mobile payment. < / P > < p > the improvement of payment efficiency, like the butterfly effect, will lead to the improvement of efficiency in all aspects of society. This is a reliable guarantee for the development of our society. Now, are you still paying in cash? Privacy Policy