The 18 new features of IOS 14 greatly improve the convenience of operation and privacy protection

Apple’s IOS 14 has been released, and although there may still be some bugs, it’s Apple’s biggest IOS upgrade in years. In addition, IOS 14 contains a lot of new features. Let’s share with you the 18 most interesting new features. < / P > < p > when you delete an application, there is now a new option to add it to the application library, which will remove it from the home screen, but will remain in the new app Library of IOS 14 for your future recovery. < / P > < p > custom commands – navigate to settings & gt; access rights & gt; touch & gt; back tap, and you can set quick access commands when you double-click or three times on your iPhone screen. Almost all commands can be used, from quick navigation shortcuts to opening Siri or notification center, screen capture, volume adjustment, mute or lock the phone, and so on. < / P > < p > custom power mode – when your iPhone is in charging or low battery mode, the Siri shortcut can automatically apply custom settings. These features include notification settings, screen brightness, location sharing, Bluetooth on / off, etc. < / P > < p > self portrait image – the camera settings on IOS 14 allow you to toggle “front camera mirror”, which means that the final orientation of the photo is the same as that seen in the viewfinder. By default, IOS 14 flips your image, so this setting is useful. < / P > < p > video format – IOS 14 allows all iPhones to change video resolution and format in camera applications. In IOS 13, this feature is limited to the iPhone 11 series. < / P > < p > simulate eye contact – this feature has been delayed from IOS 13 to ios14, FaceTime now automatically resets your gaze so that you look as if you are maintaining eye contact with the other person. < / P > < p > access display – FaceTime can identify people who have just joined in a group call and put them in a prominent position so that they can be easily seen. < / P > < p > emoticon search – finally, iPhone users can search the IOS emoticon library. When IOS 14 opens the emoticon keyboard, you will find a new search bar. < / P > < p > lock multiple conversations – you can lock a conversation by right clicking on the information home screen, but by clicking on the menu above, you can lock as many conversations as you want. < / P > < p > auto filter messages – find the filter menu in the message, and you can let the app automatically sort known senders, unknown senders, promotions, transactions and junk < / P > < p > Press and hold the back button – you can quickly return to the main screen of the application. This saves the hassle of pressing the back button many times to return to the main screen of the application. < / P > < p > Hide calls – the new, smaller call banner notification in IOS 14 not only reduces the interference to the home screen, but also allows you to hold back incoming calls. The phone keeps ringing, but it’s minimized to an icon that allows you to complete the task you’re doing before you answer. < / P > < p > Add title – open any photo, swipe up, and you’ll see a new title field. Even better, the title text is searchable so you can use it to quickly find specific photos. < / P > < p > camera and microphone warnings – these will appear next to the WiFi icon and alert you in the background if your iPhone camera or microphone is being used by an app. < / P > < p > clipboard warning – IOS 14 will remind you that if an application accesses your clipboard data, the application will be displayed and it will get that data. < / P > < p > shortcut Gallery – Apple has introduced a new user interface for the Siri shortcut Gallery, with enlarged thumbnails and bright color distinctions. < / P > < p > control center shortcut – navigate to settings & gt; Control Center & gt; enable sleep mode, and you can set this new IOS 14 shortcut mode in the control center. < / P > < p > new user interface – Apple has introduced a new bubble user interface for entering time and date across the operating system. This is a popular usability upgrade compared to a bad wheel. < / P > < p > Security Advice – you can get security advice through IOS 14 settings. When your data and password are leaked on a third-party website, it will automatically issue a warning. < / P > < p > smart stack – IOS 14 introduces home screen widgets, the best of which is called smart stack. It allows you to combine multiple widgets into one, and IOS 14 learns to automatically switch between them based on your use, location, or time of day. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!