The 65 million 200 thousand download, jitter and TikTok tiktok are the world’s most popular software, and the gold is 102 million dollars.

According to Forbes China’s latest report on August 10, sensor tower store intelligence released the global list of mobile software downloads in July this year. Tiktok and TikTok are regarded as the most potential emerging software by

‘s expected growth. As of April, tiktok and TikTok’s global downloads have exceeded 2 billion. On the huge user base, the ability of shaking and TikTok tiktok is also very strong. Sensor Tower data showed that the jitter and overseas tiktok TikTok had more than 102 million dollars in Apple store and Google store in July, 8.6 times the same period last year.

and the largest social networking platform in the United States, Facebook, fell tiktok in the competition with the downhill and TikTok downloads and the gold intake. In terms of downloads, the US company has downloaded 53 million 600 thousand times, followed by jitter and TikTok, ranking second tiktok. The rapid rise of tiktok overseas also makes Facebook a bit uneasy.

according to foreign media, in August 5th, the US company officially launched Reels short video service in more than 50 countries, such as the United States, which is very similar to the tiktok. In fact, Facebook has a long history of plagiarism. In the face of questions from the US antitrust hearing, Zuckerberg declined to disclose how many companies Facebook plagiarized after “establishing the strategy of copying competitors’ products” in 2012. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that in the download list in July, another short video software named snack video has sprung up in China, which has entered the top 10 global mobile application download list for the first time, and achieved a good result of No.8. As a substitute for tiktok in the Indian market, snack video has been ranked No.1 in the free app list of Google store since July 21, according to the intelligence data of sensor tower store. Up to now, the total number of downloads has exceeded 23 million. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction

Author: zmhuaxia