The 91 year old academician’s anti-cancer method is very important. If you can do it, you may be able to fight cancer

Many people think that as long as they get cancer, they will face death. Although such a statement is indeed a little exaggerated, but in fact, there is a certain truth. Because according to the current medical level, the mortality rate of cancer is still on the rise, and there is no good drug can completely control the occurrence of this disease, there are still great difficulties in the treatment. Even if it is cured, there is no guarantee that there will be no recurrence within a few years. Is it because we have nothing to do with cancer? It’s not! Take academician Sun Yan, 91, for example. He has insisted on anti-cancer for decades, and has a certain understanding of anti-cancer. Maybe his anti-cancer methods can inspire many cancer patients. Academician Sun said that he had paid attention to some abnormal symptoms at the beginning of his body, and such early symptoms could be controlled in time through surgery or drugs. Because he firmly believes that many diseases are discovered and treated early, so is cancer. Academician Sun said that many cancers may not be completely cured by surgery or chemotherapy, but this does not mean that treatment should be given up. If the following points can be done at ordinary times, it may be a good fight against cancer. < / P > < p > according to the survey, most of the cancer patients are caused by some bad living habits, such as diet. Many people are used to some common cooking methods, and the food standards may be higher and higher. They often eat fried high calorie and high-fat food. And these foods have the possibility of obesity, once obesity appears, a lot of diseases will appear along with it. There are some often mentioned pickled food, charcoal baked food, etc., are said to have a strong carcinogenicity, but there are still many people should eat, drink and so on. So if we can control our diet and avoid it, maybe we will not be so afraid of cancer. < p > < p > if compared with a few decades ago, the current environmental pollution is obviously very serious, such as the pollution of industrial waste gas and wastewater, automobile exhaust, kitchen fume and decoration materials. These things can be found everywhere now, and we live under the same sky, which can easily lead to cancer for a long time. Therefore, if you can reduce the access to such an environment, wear masks in time when you go out and put some air purifiers in the house as far as possible. At ordinary times, we can also pay attention to environmental protection, which may greatly reduce the risk of illness. < p > < p > smoking and drinking are the most harmful to health. There are many harmful substances in it, which will lead to the failure of other visceral functions in the lung for a long time, and there will be cancer to a large extent. So in order to be able to fight cancer well, tobacco and alcohol should not be touched as far as possible, so as to avoid cancer. The above three points are the experience of academician sun over the years, and academician sun also said that in fact, anti-cancer is not as difficult as you think. As long as you pay attention to the small details in your daily life, plus the regular physical examination every year, you may be able to reduce the risk of cancer. Even if you have cancer unfortunately, as long as you actively cooperate with the treatment, rehabilitation is not impossible. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865