The answer is terrible, heartache cook a second, iPhone 12 series is doomed to be single!

As we all know, it is no longer a day or two for the United States to crack down on Chinese enterprises. The current international situation is simply incompatible. Recently, China’s tiktok and WeChat international version of TikTok incident are very obvious. The US bullying is obviously not only affecting China, but also in the US business, and even the Apple Corp, which is proud of the United States, has been implicated. However, he thought that he was doing something good for the country, but President Trump’s words really do not care about the life and death of enterprises, which is particularly irresponsible. What happened in detail, we went on to look at

earlier, and the US signed the decree on the international version of the TikTok and WeChat tiktok, which prohibited the 45 or so American companies from the US company or the parent company of TikTok or beat any transactions with Tencent. After this decree came down, both at home and abroad, how many people would choose apple mobile phone without wechat? At home, the vast majority of people choose wechat. As for foreign countries, they have no right to speak because the overseas version of wechat is doomed to be off the shelves. What’s more, when the reporter asked, if wechat is off the shelves, it will certainly affect the sales of iPhone 12 series. What should we do? Trump’s reply was infuriating. He said: so what? What I do is good for national security < / P > < p > look, I’m acting in the name of national security. Cook is also sad and helpless. To be honest, from an entrepreneur’s point of view, this kind of behavior is definitely not feasible, because there are too many enterprises involved in this decree. What’s more, it directly leads to the abnormal operation of enterprises. If trump does not solve these problems of enterprises, it is bound to cause unrest. Of course, the internal affairs of other countries are no matter what we do, just for cook’s sake. If trump really does not allow contacts with Chinese enterprises, it will not only affect wechat and apple, but also bring a series of economic problems. For example, China is the largest consumer market of Apple’s app store, and Apple’s app store’s revenue mainly depends on 30% of its revenue, but most of these profits are from game applications. When it comes to games, Tencent games occupy the vast majority of the domestic game market. Many games are developed and operated by Tencent, and purchase services such as wechat payment are used. Once apple can’t trade with wechat, it will also hurt Apple’s revenue in app store. All in all, the president doesn’t care about his country’s economic problems, which hurts entrepreneurs. In addition, if you always bully under the banner of safety, you will lose the popular support. What’s more, in this special period, why can’t the United States do something that has an impact on security. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?