The battle of software development platform: NET vs Java, who is the better choice?

As a new software developer, it’s not easy to choose the platform that you will use in your future career. Mastering any programming language takes a lot of time and energy, which is exactly what you don’t want to waste. Choosing the wrong platform may need to change the knowledge to be competent, which makes people feel more pressure. < / P > < p > here, I’ll help you narrow down your choice to two options: Java or it’s already a huge step forward, both of which are successful. Java and. Net are both stable and can be used for enterprise level development, which means you may work for a large company with a lot of resources and opportunities. < / P > < p > take a look at the job market first! As of April 2020, more than 41000 “java developer” jobs and 8500 “. Net developer” jobs have been created. Glassdoor shows that the average salary of a java developer is about $79000, ASP.NET/C# The developer is $76500. Do you want to choose Java without hesitation? Don’t jump to conclusions, but think carefully about which of these two platforms is more suitable for you and which one is closer to the future of technology. < p > < p > java was founded in 1995. It is one of the most famous technologies in the world. It often tops all kinds of rankings, which may be the main reason why developers insist on using it. < / P > < p > java is relatively simple to learn, and there are many free training resources available. There is also a large community to help novices complete the learning process. Java is suitable for almost every kind of project: network application, mobile application, cloud computing and so on. < / P > < p > java is a free technology, as are Oracle JDK and Oracle openjdk that create software in Java. This also enables Java to work with programming languages such as kotlin, groovy, scale, which are relatively easy to learn as supplements. As pointed out just now, the job market is full of jobs for Java developers from all over the world. < / P > < p > · authorization confusion. You might think it’s wrong to start the Java journey by writing a small “Hello world” program. Before you really start learning Java, you need to understand the license on this platform, otherwise you may have to pay several thousand dollars to Oracle to obtain the license before you deliver the product. Therefore, we should first learn what Oracle JDK is, how it differs from Oracle open JDK, and how they differ from community driven adoptopenjdk. < / P > < p > what else do you need to know about the binary license and how many permissions can be granted by the gplv2 + CPE protocol? An official FAQ seems to explain the licensing situation, but it looks more confusing. < / P > < p > in addition, you can easily find a bunch of blog posts, questions on quora, and even videos on the subject. But the question is: do you really want to deal with all this? < p > · legacy code. Many long established companies have written something in Java, and as a young and passionate Java learner, you may be engaged in a job using outdated code rather than learning some new and outstanding technology. < / P > < p > · high competition. There are many positions, but you have more competitors. Anyone who has studied all the lists will find Java at the top of the list, and a thousand more novices have chosen Java. < / P > < p > another free open source developer platform can give you a better experience –. Net. Here’s why it might be better for you: < / P > < p > all the features mentioned above would have made java a better choice five or six years ago. Because. Net was completely controlled by Microsoft at that time, and it only ran on windows. In the past few years, however, things have changed radically. Now Java has become more closed under the leadership of Oracle, while Microsoft is doing the opposite. < / P > < p >. Net is an open source platform without license fees. They claim that developer freedom is one of the core values of their platform. For now, Microsoft does live up to the values they preach. The latest version of the. Net platform, the. Net core, is compatible with all major operating systems: windows, Linux, IOS. Some of the basic. Net tools are ready to use, and there are many add ons and third-party tools for building and editing applications. Multiple libraries built specifically for. Net make the development process more comfortable. < / P > < p >. Net framework allows the development of almost any type of application, whether it’s enterprise network applications, desktop or mobile software, game projects, or even Internet of things services or AI solutions. < p > < p > with the advent of web assembly technology and blazorframework,. Net can even be used to build client-side applications running in browsers. The client-side and server-side code of these network applications are written in C ා, so there is no need to use JavaScript. The < / P > < p >. Net framework has been developing continuously in its 20-year history. In the past four or five years, its development has accelerated significantly. Since the. Net core was released in 2016, there has been a major update almost every year. < p > < p > Microsoft plans to release the platform’s big update,. Net 5, in November 2020. It will absorb the advantages of previous versions and become a unified platform for all development tasks. In addition, at the 2019 annual meeting, Microsoft introduced the roadmap of the. Net platform, which let people clearly understand the specific time and content of the update. < / P > < p > for many years, applications created in Java or. Net / C have had similar performance. However, Microsoft and many third-party contributors have made significant investments in this area of optimization and are continuing to improve. for example ASP.NET The core web framework allows you to process 7 million requests per second on a single server. According to the techempower test, ASP.NET Core is far ahead of any web framework developed in Java. < / P > < p > another proof that it can be implemented on the. Net platform, for example, an ultra high speed network driver written in different languages. The driver written in C ා shows almost the same performance level as C and rust, which is slightly higher than go language and far ahead of all other high-level languages including Java. < p > < p >. Net was originally designed to support a variety of programming languages, the most widely used programming languages are C and F. The most popular and favorite programming language is C ා, a general object-oriented programming language. It is easy to learn, and widely used in various software development, whether it is enterprise level solutions or low-level Internet of things and game projects, it makes some of the complex features in Java become simple. < / P > < p > although it has a long history, C ා keeps pace with the times. Some features of C ා, such as LINQ query, lambda expression, async / wait asynchronous operation, are far ahead of other programming languages. Java still lacks many elements in C ා. < / P > < p > just like Java, there are many shortcomings in the development of. Net on the client side. You can still regard JavaScript as the best choice. In ml and NLP applications, Python is the first option. < / P > < p > java and. Net are two reliable choices for enterprise development. Java now ranks first in all ratings, but its competition in the job market is fierce and the relevant updates are slow. < / P > < p > and. Net is an open source object-oriented platform, which can be used to develop a variety of applications, and it has a clear plan for the future. In 2020. Net 5 will be available, and this update will combine the best features of previous versions. This makes learning a well structured, simple, modern technology more attractive. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list

Author: zmhuaxia