The biggest innovation of iPhone 12 is 5g and IOS

Editor’s note: the annual science and technology conference has finally come after the National Day holiday, and the other pole of smart phones on the planet will finally enter the 5g era. Even though it is a year behind Android, it does not affect the enthusiasm of the whole industry and fans for iPhone products, including the support of old model users, but the magnifying glass is here If you can tolerate 4G speed, then the iPhone 11 series may not experience worse than the iPhone 12! < / P > < p > according to the current information and the exposure of various gods, the iPhone 12 series probably will not be equipped with a high refresh rate screen as standard, so it is difficult to improve the experience with the naked eye. That is to say, the experience of A13 + 11pro will not be weaker than that of the iPhone 12pro series supported by A14. However, compared with the upgrade of A13, the A14 has much less processor capacity Even the a11 a few years ago still has strong performance, except for the heating and power consumption of the 10 nm process! < / P > < p > ios14 has been experiencing for more than a month, and it does not reflect the level far higher than ios13. Therefore, with no significant improvement in the system and hardware, the daily use will not change. Even for taking photos, it is very similar to the iPhone 11 series. The only thing that can be changed is that the Pro Series adds radar lens The max series uses a larger sensor, that’s all! < / P > < p > unexpectedly, the advantage of iPhone 12 is 5g. After all, even though many people can’t use 5g speed, the 4G speed is quite unacceptable because the operators have removed 4G base stations and replaced them with 5g. From the experience of China Mobile and China Unicom, a large area of obvious speed reduction, congestion and jamming has appeared, which is healthy It takes a long time for the code to be printed out! < / P > < p > the iPhone 12 series will release four products, including 5.4-inch iphone12mini, 6.1-inch iPhone 12, 6.1-inch iphone12pro, and 6.7-inch iPhone 12promax. These four phones are 5g standard, but only the U.S. version has millimeter wave standard! < / P > < p > the minimum of the two standard versions of iPhone 12 is 64g. The storage capacity of 12pro version starts at 128GB. In terms of price, the mini version is $699, the standard version of 12 is $799, the pro version is $999, and the promax version is $1099. < / P > < p > in terms of configuration, the screens are all super retina XDR display, which is almost the best OLED screen, A14 processor, and high pass 5g baseband, except that there is no high brush. There is little change in photography. The iPhone 12mini and the standard version are still wide-angle + ultra wide angle dual camera. As for Pro version and promax version, they are wide angle + ultra wide angle + long focus and lidar. The pro version is said to support 4x optical zoom, and Max version is up to 5x optical zoom. In fact, compared with the iPhone 11 series, such hardware level is not very attractive, and there is no significant improvement in photo taking and performance. The appearance design and 5g technology may become new selling points. As for the so-called radar lens, believe me, it is not used by most people, but Apple has started to support 4-5 times optical zoom capability Jihui is stepping forward to the most mature mobile phone photo taking products. IPhone, a 12 megapixel sensor, has been polished for many years! < / P > < p > many fruit powders have been emphasizing the ecological advantages of IOS, which is no problem. But in fact, the use environment of Android’s top flagship is not so bad. Otherwise, will more than 87% of Android users live in dire straits? Android’s nonstandard will affect users’ use, but not in terms of fluency. Android flagship products try to shorten the gap between iPhone and iPhone through stronger processor, higher screen refresh rate, faster flash memory specification, and customized system optimization. Those who think that iPhone 8 can still far surpass Android flagship fruit powder are advised to buy an Android flagship pair Compare! < / P > < p > first of all, the weak signal of iPhone may be the lowest signal in the field of smart phones. It is true that the past two generations of products have the pot of Intel, but the previous products of iPhone have not been much better. Secondly, the battery life is the problem. In the 5g era, the battery of 2000 gears may not last for half a day. At present, even 4500 MAH, it is very difficult to persist in 5g era for one day! < / P > < p > at the signal level, if you re-use the baseband of Qualcomm, there will be obvious changes. However, with Apple’s antenna design, the improvement will not reach the level expected by users. As for the charging endurance, the rate will probably be at the bottom of Android. For those users who live in outdoor life, when you really experience that the power consumption drops at a speed visible to the naked eye, you will be afraid I’m afraid I will scold NMB apple! < / P > < p > a design id takes four or five years, a sensor takes five or six years, and a 2000 + battery can still sell more than 5000 + in ten years. I’m afraid the only one is the iPhone. It has to be said that the ecological power is too strong. However, some users of old iPhone models are also looking for excuses for their shyness: the system is optimized too well, and Tianmei photonics is still optimizing the game body for iPhone 6 We can fight for a few more years, LJ Android! Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing