The boy was addicted to mobile phones. After he failed to play the game, he fainted on the spot and vowed not to play again

In today’s society, whether adults or children, almost hold mobile phones anytime and anywhere. Playing mobile phones whenever they are free seems to be the “only way” for people to enjoy their time. In order to play games, many children even waste their study time and stay up late to play. < / P > < p > mobile phone is a double-edged sword, which not only brings convenience of communication and entertainment on the Internet, but also brings a lot of harm to people. Especially for children with weak self-control, the harm of mobile phone is just like “drugs”, which will slowly erode children’s healthy mind and body. How irritating can mobile games be? I saw such a thing on the Internet. A primary school student was addicted to mobile games. After failing in silver promotion, she was so angry that she collapsed and fainted on the spot. What’s going on? Xiaole is 9 years old this year. He is a boy with a real personality. He likes to play leisure games. After inadvertently contacting the glory of the king, he likes this competitive mobile game. < p > < p > in the beginning, Xiaole just played entertainment and match games. Later, knowing that there was a ranking mode in the game, he wanted to prove himself by ranking. However, in the process of challenging silver, he encountered many setbacks and failed to make the promotion after half a month. < p > < p > later, when Xiaole ran for silver again, an accident happened. According to Xiaole’s mother’s recollection, she suddenly heard a roar from her bedroom, followed by the sound of falling things. After entering the room, she found Xiao Le’s face was pale, her lips were purple, her hands were still shaking and she was on the verge of fainting. < / P > < p > so the mother quickly dialled 120, then slapped and pinched the child, and finally rescued the child after the doctor arrived. After thinking for a long time, I swore to my mother that I would never play mobile games again. I’d better study hard. < / P > < p > children may not think that playing with mobile phones can do any harm. Even if they do not do well in the exam, they just don’t play well. Many students in the class can still learn well while playing with their mobile phones. Children will mistakenly think that playing with mobile phones is an act that should not be resisted. < / P > < p > therefore, parents can tell their children some stories caused by playing with mobile phones, as well as the hazards of playing with mobile phones. These stories can make children aware of the dangers of playing with mobile phones. Second: parents should set an example and establish good behavior habits < / P > < p > parents are teachers of children, and their every move will affect their children. If parents often hold mobile phones and play with them whenever they have time, children will develop the habit of playing with mobile phones. < p > < p > therefore, parents should set an example and develop good behavior habits, such as not playing with mobile phones when eating or going to the toilet, so as to establish a positive image for their children. Third: use books and picture books to cultivate children’s emotional management ability from childhood < / P > < p > in the process of playing mobile phones, it is inevitable to encounter some “rough” teammates. In this case, it is difficult for people without emotional management ability to control their anger. Just like Xiaole in the above story, life safety may even appear. < / P > < p > therefore, parents should cultivate their children’s ability of emotional management, and even in the face of “pig teammates”, they can still keep calm head and stable emotions. < / P > < p > this set of picture books is divided into 10 themes, which cultivate children’s “self-protection, courage and self-confidence, emotional management, self-improvement and self-discipline” from different perspectives. < / P > < p > the presentation form of picture book stories, vivid and interesting story scenes, and exquisite hand-painted illustrations can let children get the beauty and characteristics of this set of books at a glance. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”

Author: zmhuaxia