The British Defense Minister listed Russia and China as a “threat”, and space might become a key area. The British Prime Minister also made a tough move

According to British media reports on July 26, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said in a comprehensive review of its defense measures that Britain would take measures to protect itself against “military threats” from Russia and China in space.

Wallace said that this means that more attention will be paid to conventional war in the latest fields, such as space, Internet and seabed, and more actions will be launched in these fields.

the comments came as Britain and the United States accused Russia of testing anti satellite weapons in space earlier this month. British MPs accuse Russia of launching anti satellite weapons that could paralyze British systems.

Wallace said that China was also developing “offensive space weapons”, which prompted Britain to make the most comprehensive assessment of its defense capability. “The world is moving forward at an unprecedented speed, and our national defense must also keep pace with the times, because our opponents have gone further, deeper and higher,” he said

Wallace also said that with the change of traditional conflicts, space, Internet and data have become new battlefields, and Britain needs to take action to outwit its rivals with more sharp technological advantages and unremitting innovation.

it is reported that relations between the UK and Russia have been tense in recent weeks, with the UK imposing new sanctions on Russia, accusing Russia of trying to intervene in its election, and saying that Russia is trying to invade vaccine research.

the report also said that in order to deal with the so-called “security threats” from China and Russia, British Prime Minister Johnson also planned to make substantial changes, including revising and rewriting the espionage law on tracking foreign agents. The report pointed out that this is the biggest change in the treason law since 1695.

in response to the US British accusations, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the 24th, saying that the new round of accusations by the United States and Britain are aimed at discrediting Russia’s space activities and its peace initiative to prevent an arms race in outer space.

Alexei leonkov, a Russian military expert, said that the accusations made by the United States and Britain were groundless. The United States accused Russia of testing anti satellite weapons to prove the rationality of its military space program.

Alexander berenziev, an associate professor at the Russian University of economics, said that on the one hand, the United States is destroying the international security system; on the other hand, it is trying to maintain the system and avoid a threat to the United States. The United States knows that because it lags behind Russia in the field of hypersonic weapons, if all international security agreements are violated, the United States will not be able to protect its national security when a potential enemy attacks the United States.

Author: zmhuaxia