The camera can be set aside? After seeing the real sample of find X2, I feel that the times are changing

In recent years, more and more topics have been heard about the replacement of mobile phones for cameras. After all, it is rare to see people taking photos with heavy cameras when traveling. At first glance, most of them take photos and record with their mobile phones. In some concerts, let alone at some concerts, it seems that the era of taking photos with professional SLRs and other cameras has been achieved with the uniform screen of mobile phones Gone forever. < / P > < p > to be honest, although the mobile phone camera technology is developing rapidly, and there are new technological innovations almost every year, in some special occasions, even the imaging ability of top mobile phones is still significantly lower than that of professional cameras. For example, you rarely see photographers taking wedding photos with their mobile phones for customers, and most of the exquisite photos of commercial posters are professional ones In addition to the differences in imaging quality, professional cameras also have more room for post-processing, which are still unmatched by mobile phones in a short period of time. < / P > < p > but then again, mobile phones have many advantages in taking photos. First of all, they are portable enough. No matter traveling or on business, there is no pressure to take photos with a mobile phone to shoot videos. The powerful AI processing ability can also achieve what you see is what you get. For many ordinary users, taking photos is for sharing, which makes mobile phones have powerful network and social functions However, if you carry a SLR, you may not be able to share it immediately even if the photos are good. < / P > < p > in recent years, the number of mobile phone cameras has also increased. The main camera, ultra wide angle lens and long focus lens are all available. It can be said that “one machine goes the world”. For professional cameras, carrying various lenses is a burden, not to mention the trouble when changing lenses. This is not true. Recently, oppo launched a “let’s have a look at this summer” activity, in which many netizens share their photos taken with their mobile phones. Some works fully reflect the advantages of mobile phone photography. Let’s have a look. < / P > < p > thanks to the imx586 sensor used in the super wide-angle lens of find x2 pro, it not only brings an ultra wide field of vision of 120 degrees, but also has 48 million pixels. The high resolution can show the aesthetic feeling of the top of the building incisively and vividly. Moreover, the circle of the roof in the picture is very complete. If there is distortion in the shooting, it will bring serious distortion. < / P > < p > the super wide-angle lens of find x2 Pro is also first-class in outdoor scenery. The foreground and prospect in the picture are included, and the color is rich and vivid, which brings a relaxed and happy feeling. < / P > < p > these high-quality photos are inseparable from oppo find x2 Pro’s powerful image system, its main camera adopts the 48 million pixel imx689 sensor customized by Sony, equipped with a periscope long focus lens, supporting up to 60 times digital zoom, while the ultra wide angle uses Sony’s 48 million pixel imx586 sensor, the imaging quality is comparable to that of the main camera, and it is no wonder that such excellent ultra wide angle photos can be taken. The oppo find x2 standard version has the same powerful image system. It also adopts three camera configuration, which are 48 million pixel wide angle main camera, 12 million pixel super wide angle lens and 13 million long focus lens. The overall performance is also quite good. < / P > < p > it can be seen that today’s high-end mobile phones have reached a high level in imaging and full scene shooting experience, even if find x2 Pro’s super wide-angle lens is also enough to meet the needs of the vast majority of people. Compared with the traditional camera, the mobile phone not only brings good imaging, but also has incomparable portability. The powerful AI function can also avoid the post-processing of photos and bring a WYSIWYG photography experience. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer