The central bank “national team” launch, WeChat payment and Alipay ushered in the strongest opponent, broken network can also be used.

now rarely goes out with wallets, stalls, hawkers, high-end consumer places are placed on WeChat and Alipay’s collection of two-dimensional code. People no longer go to the business hall in order to pay the utilities and telephone bills, and Taobao, Alipay and WeChat can meet the needs of people paying their expenses at home.

domestic consumer market has changed a lot in just a few years. Mobile payment such as Alipay / WeChat payment has become the most popular way of payment in daily life. However, in this era of rapid development of diversification, the development of payment methods will not stop, and it will continue to develop forward with people’s requirements for safety and convenience. Recently, the mobile payment market has brought users a more secure and reliable authoritative payment new option digital currency, and has officially started to pilot in some regions. < / P > < p > the so-called digital currency is actually the digital substitution of paper money, that is, to turn paper into electronic currency. The biggest authority and security reliability of digital currency comes from its issuing body: the people’s Bank of China! The digital currency issued by the central bank is a kind of legal tender, which is the same as RMB now, and has national credit as endorsement. It has two major functions, namely, current account function and management function. The current account function includes: scan code payment, collection and payment, remittance and touch.

these functions are different from those we are familiar with, Alipay and WeChat. Digital currency is electronic RMB, which belongs to cash in circulation, just like the cash in your wallet, except that it is not stored in your wallet but in your mobile phone. Moreover, the function of “touch” of digital money is different from WeChat and Alipay. If both sides have NCF function on mobile phone, even if there is no network environment, as long as “touch” the other side’s mobile phone, it will be able to successfully transfer. < / P > < p > digital currency also includes functions such as DC exchange and query, wallet management and affiliation. Among them, DC exchange / query can effectively manage each directional fund and record every transaction in real time. At present, the first batch of pilot areas of digital currency have been determined. According to the information, pilot areas such as Yangtze River Delta, Beijing Tianjin Hebei and other pilot areas will start to experience digital currency first, and then promote it in other cities according to the situation. Although

is electronic transactions, digital money and WeChat payment, Alipay is essentially different. First of all, digital currency should be associated with bank card in wallet before use. When users pay with digital currency, they use cash in circulation, which is equivalent to legal tender. While Alipay / WeChat pays for the payment, the money is transferred directly from the bank card, that is to say, WeChat payment and Alipay are only a way of payment.

secondly, digital money can be traded without Internet, but WeChat / Alipay will be “broken down” without the Internet without electricity. Finally, digital money is legal and anonymous, while Alipay / WeChat payment can not be rejected by merchants. From the central bank’s internal test of digital currency in April to now, it is only four months since the pilot operation. It can be seen that China is accelerating the research and development process of digital currency.

future digital money may subvert the current payment ecosystem, and replace Alipay and WeChat payment, becoming the most important way of payment for the nation. However, at present, users are most concerned about whether the service charges are cheap enough. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction