The chip can no longer be supplied to Huawei, so we can only find Xiaomi and OV to solve the problem. MediaTek’s response is very sad

I didn’t expect this day to come so quickly. In order to crack down on Huawei, the US side stepped in again, and even the chip manufacturer MediaTek was implicated. When Huawei can’t supply Huawei normally, it can only find other manufacturers. The official response is helpless. < / P > < p > 2020 should be the year of rising for the global mobile chip giant MediaTek. Its products finally get rid of the bad impression before, and the external environment is very advantageous. But what it didn’t expect was that it was also affected by Huawei’s sanctions. It had a great opportunity to turn around, but this time it may not be able to impact the high-end market. As a result of repeated pressure from the United States, undk may also be unable to supply Huawei in the future. In response to this incident, the official made a response. < / P > < p > since Huawei’s Hisilicon chips were restricted, because Qualcomm has not yet passed the submission for supply to China, MediaTek has become Huawei’s first choice. As the ban continues to escalate, several devices that originally carried Huawei Hisilicon 5g chips have been replaced by MediaTek chips, which, to a certain extent, helps to maintain the sales of Huawei mobile phones. In the future, Huawei has also purchased more 5g chips of MediaTek Tianji series, which may replace Kirin chips that cannot be produced in future flagship mobile phones. < / P > < p > when everyone thought that MediaTek would become the main chip supplier of Huawei mobile phones in the future, the US side introduced a new policy. All chip manufacturers with us technology must obtain their own permission before supplying Huawei. This directly led to the fact that MediaTek could not supply Huawei normally, and the previous orders were also affected. If you run out of Kirin chips and MediaTek chips in stock, Huawei’s mobile phones will really have no chips to use, unless there are products that do not contain US technology production lines. According to a well-known source, MediaTek had prepared 30 million 5g chips for Huawei in the fourth quarter, but now, affected by the new ban, it will not be able to ship Huawei. After that, it sought solutions from Xiaomi, oppo and vivo. It is almost impossible to buy high prices in this wave. In the past, a large number of orders from Huawei made MediaTek very excited. As a result, it is also facing the situation that it can not supply to China. In the future, the 30 million chips will be partitioned by “miov”. < / P > < p > this ban is something Huawei and MediaTek do not want to face, but it can only be reluctantly accepted in reality. In response to this issue, the United Development and development department (undk) made a response, saying: “the company has always followed the provisions of Global trade related laws and regulations, and is paying close attention to the changes in the US export control rules, and consulting external legal advisers to obtain the latest provisions in real time for legal analysis, so as to ensure the compliance of relevant rules.” From this point of view, it is not an easy thing to re supply Huawei. It’s really hard. < / P > < p > the current situation is not optimistic for Huawei. If all chip manufacturers are unable to supply, Huawei mobile phones may gradually fall out of the top three in the world, and the market will be divided by other brands, which is the worst result. However, it is also believed that Huawei has a corresponding emergency plan, and it is impossible for them to give up the mobile phone business that they have persisted for many years. As for how the official chip will eventually solve the problem. After all, Huawei is ready to deepen its efforts in the semiconductor industry, and it is certainly the best result to let go of restrictions. < p > < p > without chips, Huawei can also develop its own full scene ecology. This year, Hongmeng version 2.0 is coming in full swing, and software is also a very important part of Huawei. Whether the ban can be eased will be answered in November this year. I hope it can develop in a good direction, although the opportunity is limited. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865

Author: zmhuaxia