The composition of the photographic picture is simple and advanced. This photographer’s method is worth learning and taking geometric shapes

Many students have no idea when they take pictures. They hold up their cameras or mobile phones, take pictures and come back to see again. They feel that there is no wonderful moment and interesting content. < / P > < p > don’t worry at this time. What you lack is not the enthusiasm and skill of photography, but the in-depth observation method. The basis of this observation method is also the basis of photography creation and photography, which is the composition and the sense of form. < / P > < p > before shooting the composition, our observation of the shooting environment determines the success of the composition. The more detailed the observation is, the more perfect the conception before shooting, the more successful the picture will be. Photographer Mike Geiger is a master of observation before shooting. He uses the observation of the structure of the object and the effect of light and shadow to weave a clear and rigorous structure space full of geometric forms. The vast majority of Michael Geiger’s works are black and white photography. The advantage of black and white is that it reduces the influence of color on his pursuit of simple structural features. < p > < p > at the same time, the contrast of light and shadow makes Mike Geiger’s basic visual form. In the composition of photography, the strong contrast of light is used to form a high contrast between the bright part and the dark part, so that the bright part and the dark part can form a clear boundary edge, and then form specific and clear geometric shapes. < / P > < p > triangle, polygon, irregular shape, clear and sharp boundary, direct and rough, visual look strong, simple and direct. Some are the comparison of two standard forms of circle and rectangle, which make use of extremely high brightness contrast to make the contrast of light and shape in vision. This fully demonstrates the contradictory characteristics of photographic composition, forming a unique style of photographic composition. In Michael Geiger’s photography, characters are the necessary content, but not the main content, that is to say, the characters are not the main objects of the works, but the overall tone rhythm and composition relationship are mainly expressed. < / P > < p > but the role of characters can not be ignored. The position of characters in photos is often very small, and most of them are still treated as silhouettes. In this way, on the one hand, the details of the characters are omitted to prevent the audience from dominating the audience in the process of interpretation. On the other hand, the size of the characters in the picture is very small compared with the environment, which only serves to make the finishing point. < / P > < p > is used by photographers in many street photography and street shooting. This method is a necessary method to contact observation method and composition conception before shooting. There are no complicated methods and concepts in Michael Geiger’s works,. It is often these most basic photographic composition methods and techniques that can present a lot of wonderful photos. The composition of lines, or the composition of lines, is a common method. Lines are everywhere in our life, but we observe carefully when we take pictures. Building structure, daily necessities, light reflection, light shadow change and so on can form the structure of lines. < / P > < p > before shooting, we only need to find out the structures that can be used by us to shoot the composition and introduce them into the composition. The role of lines in composition can guide the line of sight, form the visual rhythm of viewing, and form a unique emotional atmosphere through the combination of light and shadow. < / P > < p > and all these methods and composition techniques are obtained after careful observation. This is why there is no difficulty in the method of Michael Geiger’s works. In terms of visual presentation, the rhythm of geometric form has become the unique visual identification symbol of Michael Geiger. The powerful and wonderful part of his works is actually the observation and conception of Mike Geiger before shooting. < / P > < p > this suggests that we should not blindly shoot in the process of shooting, but simply pursue the number of shots and flaunt the number of shutter. Without the repetition and accumulation of quality, we will also feel the lack of progress. After the conception and in-depth observation before shooting, we will find that the achievement of good photo shooting in good observation method and shooting composition is twice the result with half the effort. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year

Author: zmhuaxia