The configuration of these four Huawei mobile phones is obviously a little reduced!

At present, the advantages of Huawei’s mobile phones have been greatly reduced, because many mobile phone users think it is difficult for Huawei to obtain high popularity without the new products of Hisilicon, and it is also difficult to show all the strength. But then again, Huawei mobile phone has been developing for a long time, and its products have great advantages, not only in chips, but also in services such as Hongmeng system and HMS. With Huawei’s experience accumulated over the years, the follow-up development is certainly not under pressure. However, when you choose Huawei mobile phones, you still need to be clear about them. For example, the configuration of the four Huawei mobile phones we want to talk about today is obviously a little bit shrinking. When choosing, we should try our best to see the configuration of the products. Otherwise, it is easy to choose the mobile phone products that you don’t like. < / P > < p > with the development of glory mobile phones, the positioning of its glory play series has always been in a trance. For a while, it will focus on the flagship market, and then it will start to release new phones in the 100 yuan market. Without careful observation, it is still a bit difficult to choose. As a member of the 100 yuan machine, glory play4t has not much advantage in itself. It can even be described as shrinking seriously. The processor performance of Qilin 710A is about half of that of Kirin 810. LCD screen + rear fingerprint, 10W charging power and micro USB charging interface are not much advantages in the current mobile phone market. < / P > < p > the advantages of this year’s glory digital series in the development process are very obvious, even impacting the high-end flagship market. However, the performance of the glory 30 youth version is still a little bit backward. In terms of configuration, the glory 30 youth version is called “taowa” model, which has the same parameters as the Tianji 800 model near the same price. However, it is difficult to compare with the Kirin 820 model near the same price. In terms of processor, the Tianji 800 is basically not comparable, and it is not in terms of photographing and screen shape Dominant, so the configuration has really shrunk a bit. < / P > < p > as we all know, the configuration parameters of Huawei nova7 and glory 30 are very similar, but there is a big gap in photographing. At the same time, the advantage of Huawei nova7 near the same price is very small. Although Huawei Nova series is Huawei’s mid end series next to Mate Series and P series, its performance is strong and its appearance design is quite young and fashionable. But the Kirin 985 processor is really not much of a strong advantage, and it doesn’t support the high refresh rate screen. These are all shrinking places. Even many users make complaints about HUAWEI Nova7’s strength than HUAWEI Nova6 5G. < / P > < p > in the 5g era, large screen mobile phones are very rare. I thought glory x10max would surprise mobile phone users. However, it was a bit disappointing after its release. The post main camera is 48 million pixels + 2 million pixels. At the same time, it does not support high refresh rate on the screen. These are quite helpless places. Awesome mobile phone capacity, 5000mAh is a powerful device, but for a large screen phone, the battery capacity is really not very strong. It can only be said that the screen of dual speakers and RGBW technology is awesome. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo