The “degradation” history of smart phones is caused by the interest ambition of giants

Ingeniously abolishing replaceable batteries, memory expansion, headphone holes and even chargers is the crazy expansion ambition of mobile phone giants in the new market – mobile phone accessories. They test the bottom line of consumers step by step and make a lot of profits in the accessories market. But if they come up with a “degraded” or “defective” product, it will eventually be backfired. < / P > < p > according to the Brazilian website tecnoblog, Samsung’s Galaxy 21 series mobile phones that have recently been certified by Anatel in Brazil will no longer come with chargers. It is accurate to say that Brazil’s Ministry of industry and information technology cancelled anel. < / P > < p > “intelligent relativity” can only smile after seeing the news. It must be expected that Samsung will follow Apple’s lead in canceling the attached charger. The only thing I didn’t expect is the speed of light. < / P > < p > why should it be expected? According to the tradition, every time apple made a big move in mobile phones in the past years, Samsung would jump out to ridicule it for the first time. This time, Apple’s iPhone 12 no longer comes with a charger. Samsung official immediately released a mocking twitter. The picture of Twitter is a huge Samsung charger, and the arrogant Sunglasses soybeans are showing off the charger. Interestingly, however, this tweet has been deleted. < / P > < p > whenever Apple has an action, it first makes a wanton mockery, and then follows Apple’s steps. After “Zhenxiang”, it deletes the original mockery content, and pretends that what cannot be deleted has not happened. People have to doubt whether Samsung regards itself as a player in the entertainment industry – let’s not talk about the positive and negative aspects first, but the heat must be enough. Anyway, the Internet has no memory. < / P > < p > the lack of memory on the Internet does not mean that consumers have amnesia. Coincidentally, it’s the end of another decade. It’s been ten years since Apple released the iPhone 4, and this decade is also the turning point of the mobile phone industry. Today, “intelligent relativity” will give you a brief talk about the “degenerated” components and the logic behind the disappearance of smart phones in the past decade. < / P > < p > the first is the non removable battery. In the era of Galaxy S5, Samsung relies on the removable battery to show iPhone users as a group of people living against the wall with advertisements. All along, the iPhone doesn’t support removable batteries. The design of built-in battery makes rechargeable treasure a must-have when going out, and also makes charging a troublesome and painful thing. I’m afraid you’ve almost forgotten the history of bringing a few spare batteries with you and reviving your mobile phone anytime and anywhere. < / P > < p > however, the consideration of manufacturers is that the integrated design makes the mobile phone lighter and more attractive, which is very important for consumer level technology products. Simple and elegant technology aesthetics will make your products more competitive. In the era of practicality, the iPhone 4 stands out among a lot of black and dumb mobile phones, and its modeling and beauty play an important role. A lot of people have explained why they chose the iPhone 4: it looks more like a product from the future. < / P > < p > but more importantly, what manufacturers are reluctant to disclose is that the integrated design can speed up the user’s replacement cycle. After aging, the capacity of the mobile phone battery is reduced, the battery life is not guaranteed, the peak voltage of the battery is reduced, and the performance of the mobile phone is degraded. At this time, most consumers will feel that when the old mobile phone comes back to the field, they will choose to replace it – even if the mobile phone is replaced with a battery, it can still last for another two years. < / P > < p > and in the case of using habits and ecological binding, most consumers will continue to use the original brand when changing mobile phones. Relevant statistical data also confirmed this point. Take apple as an example, it maintains more than 50% brand loyalty throughout the year. That is to say, more than half of Apple’s users will continue to choose new phones. If old phones are enough, who will pay for new ones? < / P > < p > the same strategy is repeated in storage space. In the name of security, iPhone does not support extended storage, and Android manufacturers have followed up in recent years, which makes many users who just want to store some photos and videos have to choose the large storage version with higher premium. < / P > < p > take the iPhone 11 Pro Max as an example, there is no difference between the 64GB storage version and the 512gb storage version except for the storage capacity, but the price difference between the two versions is 3100 yuan. The market price of 500GB nvme flash memory is about 500 yuan, and the profit of this item alone exceeds the price of a mid-range mobile phone of more than 2000 yuan. Such a simple strategy can bring huge profits, how can it not make people excited? < / P > < p > in 2016, the iPhone 7 series was released, and Apple launched the air pods as an alternative strategy by canceling the headphone hole on the grounds of waterproof and old interface. < / P > < p > two years after the release of the first generation, in 2018, with high profits and high sales volume, the annual profit of air pods reached 10.8 billion yuan. In contrast, the net profit of Xiaomi in the same year was about 8.5 billion yuan. < / P > < p > and according to the data in the strategy analytics Research Report, the sales volume of air pods in 2019 reached an amazing 60 million units. In just three years, Apple has blown the trend of Bluetooth headsets all over the world and made a lot of money. < / P > < p > interestingly, Samsung, which once mocked apple for not having headphone holes at its product launch, also cancelled the headphone holes after two years of persistence, and its wireless headset Galaxy bus has been updated for two generations. < / P > < p > at this point, I believe most readers have seen through the logic behind the degradation – the pursuit of profits by mobile phone manufacturers. There’s nothing wrong with businessmen chasing profits, but regardless of the consumer experience, they don’t want to win-win, but they squeeze unilaterally. Does it really last long? < / P > < p > according to the past history, it’s hard to imagine that domestic mobile phone brands will not follow this trend. In fact, it’s not accurate to say “follow suit”. As early as 2015, Xiaomi Leijun tried it. The product is no longer equipped with standard charger, but can be purchased with package discount. But trapped in the market influence, after all, the lack of courage, this matter in the boycott and curse in the end. < / P > < p > according to IDC data, Samsung’s global shipment in 2019 is 295 million units, and Apple’s shipment is 191 million units. For them, no matter how small the fly is, it’s also meat. If the charger is cancelled, the cost of each unit will add up to a profit of 100 million units. The cancellation of chargers by apple and Samsung this year is not only a long-term consideration for the profit pursuit of accessories, but also a response strategy to the epidemic situation. < p > < p > under the influence of this year’s epidemic, transportation costs in the international market are generally rising. According to Liu Youfa, the founder of Huanyu Shunxin logistics, the most expensive air freight has gone to more than 100 yuan per kilogram, which has never been higher in history. Moreover, the freight rate is adjusted frequently. The price quoted to customers today will rise again tomorrow. As a result, the goods received today may lose money tomorrow. < / P > < p > Apple and Samsung, which are heavily dependent on the international market, are all made in China, Southeast Asia and other countries. According to the understanding of intelligent relativity, in order to ensure the timely supply of new products around the world and the sale at the same time, apple mobile phones are generally transported by air. According to the calculation of relevant institutions, after the cancellation of the charger, the package volume of the iPhone 12 is reduced by about 50% compared with the previous generation. The iPhone 12, with its smaller package and lighter weight, not only eases the air transportation pressure under the epidemic situation, but also saves a lot of transportation costs. < p > < p > no matter the increase of transportation cost or the decrease of transportation cost, the increase of transportation cost is not far from the control. < / P > < p > on the other hand, in the case that the battery capacity has not been broken through for a long time, and the demand for battery life is higher and higher, improving the charging power is an important competitive point for domestic mobile phone manufacturers. The charging power of domestic high-end mobile phones has come to 65W, 100W, or even 120W. High power charging often needs special wires and adapters. If it is cancelled, the cost will be passed on to consumers, which will reduce the competitiveness of the products. And the low-end is often price sensitive, the need for consumers to buy chargers may be difficult to accept in a short period of time. < / P > < p > therefore, in a short period of time, it is not very realistic for China to follow suit. After all, three years after the cancellation of the headphone hole on the iPhone, there are still many devices with standard configuration. However, in the long run, when the tolerance of the whole market has reached a higher level and high-power chargers are gradually popularized, domestic manufacturers may also cancel the complimentary chargers due to the pressure of cost and environmental protection. At that time, I’m afraid it will only save more face for apple. After all, no matter good or bad, Apple has become a leader of “innovation”. < / P > < p > first of all, batteries, headphone holes and storage are all integrated into the mobile phone. When the manufacturers cancel or change them jointly, consumers do not have much choice. Even if they choose other brands, it is nothing more than the exchange of left and right hands for the whole mobile phone market. < / P > < p > and there are still some differences in accessories. There are many choices for wireless headphones. After Apple created the trend of wireless headphones, Samsung, Huawei, oppo, etc. also joined the battlefield early. Traditional headphone manufacturers such as walkers are not willing to be outdone, and new products appear frequently. However, the prices of these products are concentrated below 1000 yuan, and the price of Samsung Galaxy bus, which has a higher price, is barely equal to that of air pods. Apple has taken more than 70% of the profits with more than 50% of the market share. At least in the current situation, no other manufacturers can pose a substantial threat to the air pods. < / P > < p > like the iPhone, air pods is a leader in innovation and has excellent experience: seamless interaction of apple family barrel, user-friendly operation mode, good noise reduction effect, and the three-dimensional surround sound recently launched with IOS 14. In addition, relying on the fashion attribute of Apple’s brand promotion, it creates a situation where Apple eats meat and other players drink porridge. < / P > < p > unlike wireless headsets, chargers are purely instrumental products. For consumers, as long as it is safe, durable and charging speed up to standard, it will fully meet the user experience. For a tool product with low brand loyalty and low characteristics, the price will be the most important factor to consider when the user experience is almost the same. < / P > < p > and in terms of price, it is the specialty of the third party focusing on accessories. Take lvlian as an example. For the same 20W charger, the official price of iPhone is almost three times that of lvlian, and there is almost no difference in the use experience between the two. While the 65W charger of lvlian only needs half the price of Apple 20W. < / P > < p > in the field of chargers, Apple also wanted to replicate this success. In September 2017, apple, which has always believed that the future belongs to the era of wireless, announced the establishment of the air power R & D team, aiming to develop a wireless charger that can charge three kinds of Apple devices at the same time. The research and development of < / P > < p > air power has great technical difficulty. Apple’s requirement is that the three devices can be placed on the charger at any position to charge at the same time, and the charging progress of other devices can be seen in real time from the iPhone when charging