The development of domestic industrial software is revealed by HaoChen CAD

While many people are addicted to the industrial Internet, artificial intelligence and big data to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, few people realize that the core of intelligent manufacturing is actually industrial software. However, in China, it is often simply regarded as the attribute of it software, developing with other management software and even the Internet. When ZTE and Huawei are banned and MATLAB says no to Chinese universities, we can hardly ignore the bitterness of industrial software being controlled by others. China once had the initial development of industrial design software, but it has already fallen into the “lost 30 years”. Faced with the pressure of domestic industrial software being controlled by others, the enterprises represented by HaoChen software have stepped forward, through nearly 30 years of deep cultivation and relying on independent innovation to overtake, people can see the light of hope for the independent development of industrial software. < / P > < p > as a very important CAD software in industrial software, it did rise a short wave at the end of the last century. The establishment of HaoChen CAD seems to follow the trend, just like the rise of many industrial software enterprises at that time, they began to sail on this favorable wave, waiting for the treasure at the end of the sea. However, when many enterprises are ready to go, full of confidence and ready to show their strength, the once powerful industrial software tide suddenly becomes calm, lacking the support of the state, the recognition of the market, and the reserve of funds Those who were ready to ride the wind and waves of many enterprises can only helplessly bow their heads and give up the long voyage. If HaoChen CAD, like other enterprises, surrendered in this predicament, it would be the real sorrow of domestic industrial software! Fortunately, HaoChen CAD has persisted. At first, due to the suppression of foreign CAD software, HaoChen CAD could only save the country by curve. Starting from the secondary development, the situation it faced at that time was the same as the current situation of many industrial software. Due to the lack of independent technology in China, most industrial software depended on foreign technology or directly imported foreign software. In order to solve this problem, HaoChen can only improve himself through continuous learning. Even in the face of peers who give up one after another, he has never sprouted the thought of retreat. It is this insistence that makes HaoChen CAD drive to the further and broader ocean in the continuous accumulation of strength. < / P > < p > ten years of trees and a hundred years of cultivation of people, the firm foundation determines the height of the building. The development of China’s industrial software depends on whether the core technology is in its own hands or not, otherwise, it can only be like duckweed in the rain, floating because of no root, and let the wind and rain blow. China’s industrial software is now facing similar problems, which is why many Chinese enterprises are powerless even in the face of constant pressure from the United States. In the process of continuous development, HaoChen is also aware of this problem. Rootless duckweed is too humble. Only by mastering the technology in their own hands, can we not be controlled by others! < p > < p > in 2010, after nearly 20 years of development, HaoChen has already been on the right track in all aspects, and everything is developing in a better direction. However, HaoChen has made a decision to shock both inside and outside the industry – starting from scratch, developing its own core, which really belongs to the core of Chinese enterprises, and the core that others can not restrict. Since then, in the eyes of the outside world, HaoChen’s pace has stopped. It seems to be a gamble, a gamble that doesn’t know when to stop. Kung Fu pays off those who have a heart. This gamble ended in 2013, and HaoChen won! After three years of hard work, countless funds, talents, time and energy have been spent HaoChen firmly grasped the root of CAD software in his hand. Since then, China’s CAD software industry has a real independent core of CAD software. < / P > < p > breakthrough and innovation are the necessary qualities for any thing to develop for a long time. This is the case for China’s industrial software. HaoChen CAD software, as a member of China’s industrial software, naturally realizes this. Looking back on the development of HaoChen CAD, although it is tortuous, it is always moving forward. When everyone is focusing on how to improve the performance of the computer version of CAD software, the wind of mobile Internet began to blow gradually. HaoChen was keen to smell the wind and began to work on the mobile CAD drawing software. After continuous changes, the mobile version of HaoChen CAD graphics king has more than 50 million users. Subsequently, in order to break through the information chain and maintain the connectivity between data, HaoChen CAD launched the web page version and the computer version of the king of pictures, so that users can interact with each other across devices and cooperate with each other. It is also in this process of breakthrough and innovation that HaoChen CAD software can continue to enter the vision of users and win the favor of users. < / P > < p > the ecology and industrial chain of made in China are rich, and there are enough scenes to need industrial software, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for domestic industrial software. The high development of China’s Internet also provides a reference model for the innovation of domestic industrial software. From the experience of HaoChen CAD, as long as we give full play to the innovation advantages, put the development of industrial software in the same important position as the aviation, aerospace, ordnance, shipbuilding and other industries, and give full play to the superiority of the national system, we will break the situation that industrial software is controlled by people. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865