The director of cancer for 14 years has not recurred. What is the anti-cancer experience? Tell you the answer

Xu Kecheng, director of oncology for 14 years, is over 80 years old this year. He was found to have liver cancer in his physical examination in the past few years. At that time, the medical level was not so developed, and there were some difficulties in the treatment. However, after suffering from cancer, he has been studying the best treatment plan repeatedly, trying to make himself and many people who are also troubled by cancer live. Fortunately, after 14 years of anti-cancer and anti-cancer, academician Xu’s cancer has never recurred. What is his anti-cancer experience? Academician Xu said that his anti-cancer experience can be summarized in four words. Next, we will solve the doubts in our hearts. Academician Xu has been in contact with a lot of liver cancer patients since his visit. Many patients may relapse after surgery. These patients have basically been exposed to chemotherapy. So he spent a long time to study the therapeutic effect of chemotherapy. Therefore, academician Xu decided not to use chemotherapy to treat liver cancer in consideration of his own situation. At this time, academician Xu was very old and could not bear the side effects of chemotherapy. < / P > < p > after the occurrence of cancer, if you want to recover health as soon as possible, you need to supplement enough nutrients. If you don’t pay attention to the diet or the diet is not healthy, the living standard will be greatly reduced, and the body’s resistance to diseases will be weakened. There may be some complications in the later treatment, and the life will be shortened gradually. < / P > < p > therefore, the treatment of cancer has a great relationship with eating. At ordinary times, as long as you can ensure the intake of rich protein, fat and carbohydrate, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, do not develop the habit of picky eating, as long as you can eat, slowly, even if you can not completely eliminate cancer, you can also achieve coexistence with cancer. Many people think that they must die after they get cancer. They all hear that cancer is an incurable disease, so they are afraid of it. Academician Xu thinks that many cancer patients are scared to die. In fact, this is not unreasonable, because if you are busy worrying about when you will die every day and ignore your emotions, cancer cells will gradually feel this and begin to attack the immune system bit by bit, leading to the spread of cancer cells. Therefore, a good attitude for anti-cancer is very important, don’t be afraid of yourself, many people’s mentality as long as the adjustment is good, finally can live to a long life case. Academician Xu said that because he was a doctor, he had physical examination at least twice a year in the past ten years, because although cancer cells were temporarily controlled, the possibility of recurrence could not be ruled out. Therefore, if you check at any time, you can know the development of the disease at the first time. Why many cancer patients after treatment and recovery, go home after a few years, there will be the possibility of recurrence, is because the disease itself is not absolute, no doctor can guarantee that after treatment will not relapse. Therefore, we must review the work in time, and start the next step of treatment if we find the symptoms of recurrence. < p > < p > the above anti-cancer methods are what academician Xu wants to tell you. Cancer is not a terrible disease. As long as we actively face it and overcome it, we can gradually coexist with cancer, and it is not difficult to prolong our life span. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo

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