The director of cancer hospital summed up 5 anti-cancer experience, which is worthy of reference

Liver cancer in many kinds of cancer, is more terrible, because the early symptoms are not particularly obvious, many patients have been diagnosed with advanced liver cancer. Although liver cancer is terrible, there are many successful cases to overcome it. Xu Kecheng is one of them. He is a well-known expert in gastroenterology and cancer treatment in China. He has been suffering from liver cancer for many years. He has been fighting cancer successfully for 11 years. How did he do it? The following 5 anti-cancer experience, worthy of reference and learning, the following specific to you, liver cancer patients do not give up easily. < / P > < p > lesson 1: don’t be scared to death by cancer. As a doctor, he has also treated many cancer patients. Although cancer can be treated now, and there are successfully cured patients, for most people, there is still a wrong understanding of cancer. No matter how others do, but to their own body, the idea will change, feel cancer, there is no cure, treatment is just useless. < / P > < p > this is a very undesirable idea. There are many cancers that can be cured, especially in the early stage of cancer, and the cure rate is very high. If you want to fight cancer, you should not be frightened by a positive attitude. < / P > < p > lesson 2: work hard on diet. As a doctor, he knows that many diseases are related to improper diet, which is caused by eating. Cancer is no exception. For example, long-term high salt diet can easily lead to gastric cancer. For liver cancer, if you often eat moldy food, the chances of getting hit are very high. < / P > < p > in the process of cancer treatment, we should learn to eat a healthy and reasonable diet, and remember to diet. Even if we don’t want to eat very much, we’d better eat something. Starvation can’t kill cancer cells. You don’t have to be careful. You don’t dare to eat like this or that. It’s not bad to eat a little bit of miscellaneous food. You just need to pay attention not to eat too much. < / P > < p > some patients may ask, can we also eat hair? In fact, from the perspective of modern medicine, there is no concept of hair, for cancer patients, the so-called hair is not completely can not eat, such as eggs. In fact, it is more important for patients to eat happily and have a desire to eat. If they are too careful, they will not be good. < / P > < p > lesson 3: don’t blindly choose chemotherapy. Many people may not understand that, without chemotherapy, cancer is more likely to metastasize, treatment effect can be good? Through a large number of studies, access to information, he came to a conclusion that postoperative chemotherapy is not necessarily useful for all patients, some patients in the process of chemotherapy, tumor metastasis occurred. However, this does not mean that we should choose not to use chemotherapy. Whether chemotherapy is needed or not and whether chemotherapy is helpful to treatment depends on the specific situation. Factors such as tumor type, patient’s constitution and willingness should be taken into consideration, which vary from person to person. < / P > < p > the fourth experience: actively cooperate with treatment. Although he is also a doctor, for treatment, he will not only according to his own ideas, for non doctor patients, more to believe in their own doctors, believe in scientific treatment methods. We should not blindly listen to some folk prescriptions, let alone try them at will. < / P > < p > lesson 5: review. Even if the cancer is cured, there is a possibility of recurrence, especially in the first year of cure. Regular follow-up is also critical to maintain better results and reduce the recurrence rate of cancer. Many patients feel that they have been cured, and they feel relieved. However, this is not the time to relax completely. We should prevent cancer cells from “resurgence”. To sum up, the director of the oncology hospital has not relapsed liver cancer for many years, which is closely related to his five anti-cancer experience, which is worthy of reference for patients with liver cancer. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine