The “doomsday planet” mentioned in the Mayan prophecy has been found. Is it really protecting the earth?

When it comes to Mayan civilization, people will inevitably associate with the prophecy of the end of the world. It is said that the Mayans accurately predicted the end of the next world, the end of the fifth solar period and the destruction of human civilization. In 2012, this statement really spread on the Internet for a long time, all kinds of bizarre statements came out, and even in the end, some people said that there would be aliens coming to the earth and then fighting against human beings. However, none of this has come true. We have lived peacefully to this day. When we think about it, some people may scoff at it and think that the Mayan prophecies are nonsense. However, there are still some people who believe in the end of the world. In their eyes, the Mayan prophecy has deviated because of the existence of the “doomsday planet”. However, scientists have compared the solar system with the surrounding planets, and none of them can match the number. Few people have paid attention to the doomsday planet. However, not long ago, an astronomer from the United States claimed that he had found the doomsday planet. Compared with the Mayan prophecy, he determined that the doomsday planet is real. Where is this mysterious planet? < / P > < p > it’s outside Neptune, which is already the boundary of the solar system. According to him, this planet is usually not observed, we can only compare the orbit of Neptune and other planets to judge where it is moving, and its revolution period is more than 10000 years! The earth’s revolution period is about 365 days, that of Jupiter is 11.8 years, that of Uranus is 84.3 years, and that of Neptune is 60327 days. The unit is different because we can’t get the exact revolution period. < / P > < p > the orbits of these planets seem acceptable. The 10000 years of the doomsday planet are a bit scary, which is 3650000 days! The specific number must be biased. It is difficult for us to observe such a long revolution period. < / P > < p > according to the Mayan prediction, this mysterious planet will save the earth in the future, or save mankind? Is there any higher intelligent life in the solar system besides human beings? The communication between higher intelligent life may not seem friendly to us, but the Mayan prophecy seems to break this statement. Unfortunately, whether there is any advanced intelligent life on the doomsday planet is completely unknown. < / P > < p > those who discovered the doomsday planet are also questioned. People think that the doomsday planet was invented by him out of thin air, but merely reprocessing the Mayan prophecy. Faced with these doubts, his explanation is that the doomsday planet did protect the earth, from a long time ago, it is the protection god of mankind. < / P > < p > we know that there are many asteroids and debris in the solar system. Sometimes they are controlled by the gravity of celestial bodies, sometimes they are out of control, and collide in the solar system. The Kuiper belt and the outer Oort cloud are small clusters of celestial bodies in the solar system. There may be as many as 10 billion small objects here. The gravity of the sun and the eight planets forms a delicate balance with these celestial bodies. < / P > < p > this balance is not absolute, so some celestial bodies break away from the control of gravity and break into the solar system. The doomsday planet orbits closer to the edge of the solar system, and those celestial bodies are most likely to hit it. And its gravity will make the small celestial body deviate from its original trajectory, so as not to collide with the earth. So, the discoverers of doomsday said it was protecting the earth. < / P > < p > sounds like no problem. Unfortunately, most scientists don’t agree with the existence of doomsday planet. It is nonsense to associate it with the Mayan prophecy. There are many loopholes in Maya’s prediction. If they really calculate the time of the end of the world, can we live to 2020? As for the existence of the doomsday planet, the earth is not suffering from disaster. It is not enough to take evidence that is not convincing. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865

Author: zmhuaxia