The effect is comparable to that of a beauty camera and a bcase integrated light supplement light direct broadcast bracket

In the beginning of 2020, with the unprecedented epidemic situation, people who have been banned by the whole people rely more on the Internet to bring greater fun to their lives. However, the sudden and continuous periodicity of the epidemic situation will bring more economic losses to us. In order to maximize the interests, most people will make profits through online live broadcasting. This is not a good policy, but Live broadcasting is not just about doing it. The premise is that you need to equip the equipment for live broadcasting. In this way, you can have a better live broadcast effect, bring better live experience to the audience, and increase the stickiness of fans. My small business of live broadcasting is also growing in full swing. Recently, I started a new live broadcast artifact, bcase integrated fill light live broadcasting bracket. Let’s learn about it.

powder packaging box with handle, gift for personal use convenient, bcase integrated light lamp live support, printed in the middle of the box is very eye-catching, inside the box with protective bags and foam cushion to protect goods intact.

bcase integrated fill light live support has two colors: Moonlight white and cherry blossom pink. I choose cherry blossom pink, and I want to keep a girl’s heart forever. The moonlight is white and clean, so is the atmosphere. Occasionally appearing on camera during live broadcasting is also a highlight. It is an integrated design of mobile phone bracket and fill light. One tool can meet both needs, saving space and convenient storage. Even if it is not used for broadcasting at ordinary times, it is also a pleasant ornament. People who didn’t understand bcase when they first got it couldn’t imagine what kind of commodity it was, because it was folded into a disc state, without any edges and corners, and it was compact and compact as a whole without scattering phenomenon.

the lamp ring can pull up the whole body. From folding to pulling up, each link has adjustable knob and can be fixed. Select the most comfortable angle according to your sitting posture or standing posture, and conduct random debugging until you find the most satisfactory position.

the telescopic height of the pull rod is 58 to 168 cm, which can be said that the usability of this height is too strong. You can say that if you are sitting on the table or standing on the ground, it can be satisfied. No matter how I sit, stand or use my 170 height, there is no pressure. Even if the pull rod is extended to the highest value of 168 cm, there are many silicone pads under the base, so the measured base is quite stable, and there is no need to worry about dumping. The metal rod is thick, stable and stable, and the quality control is in place.

in the middle of the lamp circle is a mobile phone tray, which can meet the needs of horizontal and vertical screens. The tray can be rotated freely and operated smoothly. You can also choose to tilt the phone forward or backward. After adjustment, just tighten the knob.

most mobile phones on the market can be used on this mobile phone tray, except for special mobile phones. The mobile phone can be clamped on the tray when it is pulled down and rebounded. There is a silicone pad on the tray clip, which can effectively protect the mobile phone and make the mobile phone more stable.

there is a power interface on the side below the lamp circle, which is connected with the attached power cord. However, I need to provide a plug. I have tried any mobile phone. It is convenient to take it out and share a plug with the mobile phone. After power on, it can be operated through the controller. The key of the controller is sensitive and easy to operate. The logo is clear and easy to understand. It is not necessary to read the manual for the first time.

there are three light sources for the bcase integrated fill light live support, which are cold light, warm light and cold and warm light, which can be selected according to the needs of the live broadcast scene. I like the warm light source here. It’s so beautiful. For example, when you turn on the warm light, the human image becomes beautiful immediately. It has the same lethality as the beauty camera. It’s too powerful. 29 cm large diameter aperture, light can be evenly distributed in every corner of the face, perfect.

the light is aimed at your face to give you more points for beauty. I want to see myself more. Ha ha, it’s true artifact. If you think the light is not bright enough, you can adjust it. 10 level light source can be added or subtracted at will. The light source is soft and not dazzling. It can also relieve the tension during the first live broadcast.

in fact, the bcase integrated fill light live support is not only used for live lighting, but also a photography enthusiast. Because I am a 9-to-5 office worker, the time to meet my hobbies is only in the afternoon after work. You should know that the light is very important for a person who likes photography. Many times the pictures taken are dim and need to be filled In this way, bcase has served as another assistant in my life, “photo fill light”. Take a look at the contrast effect shown in the figure below. Although it is not professional, it is enough to satisfy my hobbies.

after the fill light is used up and folded, the control line seems to be a little redundant. Bcase has a more intimate little mystery. The storage box near the silicone pad on the base is very hidden. When you open the cover, you can find that the space inside is quite large, so the cable and controller can be easily put in.

when you go out, put the bcase integrated fill light live support in the bag to meet the demand of live broadcast anytime, anywhere. Although live broadcasting has just started, there is no veteran anchor who can handle all aspects. However, with the continuous development of the live broadcasting industry, the functions of the equipment are becoming more and more powerful. The technology is not enough, and the appearance is not enough. Sometimes, the time is not enough. You can put on light makeup in three or five minutes. Once the bcase integrated fill light is turned on, you can face the camera confidently and prepare for the start of live broadcasting Try this lamp. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction

Author: zmhuaxia