The end is set! After Intel and Qualcomm made their voices, Huawei also gave an attitude, and American enterprises couldn’t sit still

After it will buy arm from Softbank for $40 billion, nerves in the semiconductor industry are starting to get nervous. < p > < p > because once the acquisition is finally implemented, it means that arm will become an American enterprise. From the perspective of various anti globalization actions in the United States in recent years, if arm becomes an American enterprise, the technology of arm company will not be able to remain neutral in the future, which is very unfavorable to the development of global chip technology. As a result, chip companies in many regions have been calling for the termination of this merger and acquisition since September 14. However, according to relevant regulations, only China, the United States and the United Kingdom can really affect this acquisition. As long as any one of the three regions raises objection, the acquisition will eventually fall through, and this is to stop arm The only way for a company to become an American business. While waiting for the results from the outside world, Ni Guangnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, took the lead in giving his own opinions. He said that it is very likely that Chinese business departments will raise objections, because once the M & A is successful, it will be unfriendly for the development of Chinese enterprises to behave like the United States. < / P > < p > after academician Ni Guangnan’s voice, the outside world has been speculating who will be the second voice. Most of the voices think it will be Huawei, because arm architecture is still very important for Huawei’s mobile chip business development. If arm company is successfully acquired by a US company, it seems that Huawei will have more difficulties in obtaining the right to use arm architecture in the future. < p > < p > however, this is not the case. The second company that started to make a voice is Intel, Qualcomm and other companies in the United States. According to the news from foreign media on October 10, Intel and Qualcomm have given “counter votes” to the plan of NVIDIA’s acquisition of arm company. However, as these US companies have not yet made an official announcement, the specific reasons for their opposition are still unknown. However, it is very likely that once arm becomes a US company, once the US bans it, it will hinder the development of relevant businesses of these enterprises in the Chinese market. After Intel, Qualcomm and other U.S. companies spoke up, according to media reports on October 21, Huawei and other Chinese enterprises also gave their attitude on NVIDIA’s acquisition of arm company. It is reported that Huawei and other companies have expressed strong concern to China’s market supervision authority, hoping that the China municipal regulatory bureau can veto the transaction or attach additional conditions to ensure Huawei And other Chinese enterprises can obtain the technology of arm company. < / P > < p > with the statements of Huawei and other Chinese companies, it is estimated that NVIDIA, the US giant, will not be able to sit still. After all, this has represented the opinions of most enterprises and regions to a large extent, and each of them is a super giant in the semiconductor industry. < p > < p > as the only “King” in the mobile chip architecture market, arm has a market share of more than 90%. Whether arm can provide chip architecture for all chip design companies in a neutral manner is of great significance to the development of the future mobile chip market, which is also the reason why this acquisition and purchase case has attracted much attention. However, at present, many chip companies in China have begun to add code and open source instruction set architecture risc-v. in addition, the Chinese Academy of Sciences is preparing for the development of its own chip instruction set architecture in China. I believe that through this multi-channel parallel way, Chinese chip enterprises will not lack chip instruction set architecture in the future. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction