The Enlightenment of skyrocketing Apple mobile phone: a mobile phone is not good or bad, the key is whether it is suitable for itself

Hello, everyone. Many people call me “geek”. In fact, this is not the case, because I always use the name of “Taurus cult leader” in the headphone bar, but I am afraid that I will be regarded as an organization. Therefore, we should call me strange guy,

before, that is, iPhone 11 pro When Max was just released, he wanted to buy a high priced flagship mobile phone, but because the money in his pocket was not enough, he had to wait and see and be extremely tangled. To be honest, I only told myself to listen to it. You should know that if it is a flagship with high price and top configuration, even if the price is reduced, the price will not be too low. After all, the top equipped mobile phone must be There are high cost factors, so the proportion of price reduction will certainly be a “degree”. In fact, it is exactly the same as what I think. Although the current price of iPhone 11 Pro Max tends to be at the level of price reduction, it’s just an e-commerce voucher grabbing activity. But if it’s worthwhile, I’ll tell you? The price is not too cheap. This is the way of top configuration flagship price reduction. Therefore, the Enlightenment of iPhone 11 Pro Max price reduction to our consumers is that “the mobile phone is not good or bad, the key is to see whether it is suitable for you”.

in addition, before talking about the iPhone 11 Pro max, I would like to focus on correcting the problem that many people have misjudged the flagship and bought it wrong. To put it bluntly, how about the positioning of the iPhone 11 Pro max? So what is the positioning of the machine? In fact, from the most superficial phenomenon, we can feel that the price is still not cheap, although the current price reduction phenomenon, it is still not cheap, so first of all, people who are “not poor in money”, after all, “you understand”;

and the other level is to ask everyone not to worry about the performance of the machine, because for Apple mobile phones, the performance processor is not important, the important thing is In terms of functions, black technology, such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s photo taking, Yuba camera, screen, dual card and dual waiting functions, is to give the best benefits to fruit powder, and the above benefits are all necessary for users to use the mobile phone every day. Therefore, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is really attentive in its functional factors.

go back to the product itself. Actually, the iPhone 11 pro Max, performance is not the key. It has been made clear before, so the A13 bionic chip can be used as a way to make the fruit powder have the ultimate experience effect. There is no need to tangle here. After all, apple mobile phones and Android phones care about the point itself is different; and the screen of 6.5 inch is Apple’s mutation, after all, many people once mentioned the iPhone will be one What about this machine? In fact, the big screen is to keep pace with the times. At the same time, great changes have been made in taking photos. Not only is there one more “three shots” in the rear, but also 12 million pixels, which really makes the landscape imaging effect more realistic and restore better! However, if you really want to buy this machine, you should pay attention to two aspects: “one is the design of Yuba camera, the other is the earphone hole of Apple mobile phone is lightning”. Of course, the second aspect may be acceptable as long as it is fruit powder, but the first one needs to adapt a little.

at the end! To be reasonable, although the iPhone 11 Pro Max has been released for almost a year, in terms of comprehensive experience, it is absolutely not inferior to any mainstream flagship. On the one hand, although the price is lower, it is not cheap, but more importantly, the iPhone 11 pro Max really has an alternative black technology in the functional design, which is not clear to anyone. It can only be known by experience, just like the master’s feelings before and after using the iPhone 8 plus are obviously different. In a word, it’s the best for a mobile phone to be good or bad.

Author: zmhuaxia