The experience of Zhongbai ezbook X3 air

Recently, we received an ezbook X3 air lightweight notebook from Zhongbai. The author first checked the price in Zhongbai’s Jingdong and tmall flagship stores. Unexpectedly, this Zhongbai ezbook X3 air only costs more than 1900 yuan, and a lightweight one is less than 2000 yuan, which is really beyond the author’s expectation. What is its performance? Now let’s talk about my experience. < / P > < p > Zhongbai ezbook X3 air weighs about 1kg and is about 11.5mm thick. In the current notebook market, 1kg or so light and thin book is rare, 11.5mm thickness is also rare. It is no exaggeration to say that the thinness of Zhongbai ezbook X3 air is even better than that of some high-end thin books. < / P > < p > firstly, Zhongbai ezbook X3 air adopts the design of no fan, that is, it removes the fan + copper tube heat dissipation module inside the fuselage, so the fuselage thickness has been greatly reduced; secondly, Zhongbai ezbook X3 air adopts the foldable USB interface, which further reduces the fuselage thickness; thirdly, Zhongbai ezbook X3 air adopts the foldable USB interface The air has an inward contraction design on both sides of the fuselage, which greatly improves the lightness of the whole machine visually. < / P > < p > Zhongbai ezbook X3 air is made of all metal fuselage. The surface of the fuselage feels delicate. Chamfered bright edges are added on the B C surface and the four sides of the touch panel to make it look more delicate. Zhongbai ezbook X3 air adopts Mocha Brown color. Compared with common silver and black, Brown can highlight the quality of notebook. < / P > < p > Zhongbai ezbook X3 air has a 13.3-inch FHD IPS screen covered with glass, which makes it look more beautiful. The actual appearance of the screen is also good, narrow frame brings a wider field of vision, 1080p resolution display effect is also very delicate, enough brightness to make the screen still visible in the outdoor environment. < / P > < p > Zhongbai ezbook X3 air is equipped with Intel Celeron n4100 processor, 4 cores and 4 threads, and TDP is only 6W, which is also the premise for notebook to adopt fanless cooling. In terms of storage, it is equipped with 8GB memory and 128GB SSD, and the notebook also supports the installation of an additional SSD to further expand the storage space. < / P > < p > in general, the configuration of Zhongbai ezbook X3 air is not brilliant, and it is not competent for high-intensity design, video editing and other productivity work, but it is very easy to work and study. < / P > < p > the author has experienced word, excel office and watching online video respectively. Zhongbai ezbook X3 air can run very smoothly. Of course, it is also very fast when switching on and off and running other applications, which has a lot to do with the adoption of solid state drive in notebook. < / P > < p > to sum up, for a notebook with a price of less than 2000 yuan, Zhongbai ezbook X3 air has almost reached the acme: light and thin metal body, excellent workmanship and quality, and enough performance for office and learning. No matter from any aspect, Zhongbai ezbook X3 air is quite satisfactory. Science Discovery