The exposure of snapdragon 775g, ufs3.1 flash memory with 6nm technology, toothpaste extrusion performance or super-8 series flagship

In the field of midrange processor, Qualcomm first released the snapdragon 765G 5g SOC chip, which once took the lead in the market. However, after the strong launch of midrange 5g SOC chips such as Huawei Kirin 820, MediaTek Tianji 820 and Tianji 800, the situation of snapdragon 765G, which has the lowest performance, is quite embarrassing. After the launch of the overclocking version of snapdragon 768g, the situation has not improved in fact. The recently exposed new generation of midrange 5g SOC, the snapdragon 775g, is expected to improve the adverse situation of Qualcomm in the midrange 5g chip field. < / P > < p > according to foreign media, the code name of snapdragon 775g chip is sm7350, which is internally called CEDROS. Its release date is early next year, and will not appear at the Qualcomm Technology Summit in December this year. From the naming, we can see that the snapdragon 775g should be an iterative product of 765G, which is made by the more advanced Samsung 6nm process, and is the first 6nm process chip of Qualcomm. < / P > < p > it is reported that Samsung’s 6nm process is improved from 7Nm. In terms of performance, the snapdragon 775g will be greatly improved compared with the snapdragon 765G with the 7Nm process, which is expected to change the weak position of Qualcomm in the field of midrange 5g chips. It is said that compared with the snapdragon 765G, the CPU performance of the snapdragon 775g has been improved by 40%, and the GPU has been increased by as much as 50%. This time, Qualcomm is trying to squeeze the rhythm of toothpaste explosion. < / P > < p > the positioning of the new generation snapdragon 775g has been significantly improved. The storage combination of the public version test platform is 12gb lpddr5 memory and 256gb UFS 3.1 flash memory. Its storage performance has reached the current top level, and supports 120Hz high refresh rate screen. Overall, the overall performance of the snapdragon 775g has been greatly improved. According to foreign media reports, its performance has surpassed the flagship chip snapdragon 855, and even has a match with the snapdragon 865. The specific performance, let’s wait and see. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine