The fifth anniversary of King’s glory seven crimes of phenomenal products

It is a mobile phone game of MoBa type developed and run by Tencent game Tianmei studio group on Android, IOS and NS platforms. It was officially tested on Android and IOS platforms on November 26, 2015. By 2020, it will be the fifth anniversary of the game. On the occasion of the anniversary, Mr. Gao Wei called the top of the mountain to play the king of the glory of the commercial design. What is the definition of product, there are three main points: first, open trade in the market; second, it is used and consumed by people; third, it meets certain needs. It is the basic logic of the product to achieve these three things, tangible intangible services, organizational concepts and their combination. This is its basic logic. In such a logic, we should think about different products with what attitude should be used. All the phenomenal products are worth studying. Why is it worth studying all phenomenal products? We have heard such a word “phenomenon level”, what is phenomenon level, and phenomenon level is an external adjective. It is translated directly from an English word. It means very excellent, super excellent people or events are called phenomenon level things. There are three standards for phenomenon level products: first, they have social level awareness; secondly, the use of population level, and the use of population level products are called phenomenon grade products; third, the income of ecological level. Only meeting these three standards can we call a phenomenon level product. This is Baidu Index. What kind of situation does Baidu Index see? In such a state, the word frequency of Wang’s glory search word is such a line. Tencent’s search frequency is such a line. You can see that the king glory is several times the word search of Tencent company at the peak, Tencent is not a very cool word. After all, he has QQ wechat and so on In such a state, we find that Tencent is so much lower than the king’s glory. The glory of the king is called social level awareness. He has a wide range of people to use, and the glory of the king has been five years old. But he is the top of the list of domestic hand travel. We can’t see much promotion now. We can see products like this, a lot of promotion, but still not too high from the point of view of the list, so it is a population level user. The same is the use of population level. In 2018, the Mau of such game products has reached 165million. Although it has declined, it is still in the billion level volume. It is a very scary value. Therefore, the usage of population level brings a very large norm. Under such a condition, what is called ecological level income, the king glorifies the whole growth rate, the whole state is closely related to the overall framework of Tencent. We should know what level enterprise Tencent is, bat and the top three products in China. It means that he can bring ecological income of such level. This kind of income is absolutely possible Products we can call phenomenon grade products. There must be a population level universal demand behind the phenomenon level products. If a product has hundreds of millions of people to use, it means that we can read users from the products. If a product can be used by hundreds of millions of people continuously, we will pay a high cost for this purpose, and support the ecological level products like Tencent. It is no longer necessary to study it or not, whether we will play the game The problem of the play is to understand his product logic, user needs and business model. Tiktok:

, which is called reading products from products. Through a phenomenal product, we can understand why users need such a product through a phenomenal product. We need to say that I don’t play games every day, I don’t shake, how do you make products, how do you know what the user’s needs are changing, what’s the business mode from its revenue mode? This is every product. The person who is the operator should think about the core point of the product. We talk about game design here, which is a framework I like to use especially, seven crimes. Any phenomenon level population level product, its real demand is the bottom demand, the real bottom demand is not good, optimistic, enthusiastic, public welfare, dedication, sacrifice, not these. But the demand of people is the framework of seven crimes in my opinion. Each of the seven crimes brings the volume and scale of hundreds of billion level markets, such as rage, laziness, lust, gluttony, greed, arrogance and envy. It is the most intuitive thing about the glory of the king. When you are stolen from the tower, you are constantly crouched to kill. You are killed by the wild when you are in the grass. You are robbed boss when you kill red blue. Don’t you feel angry? What is the bottom of rage? Rage is because we have a pressure, threat and challenge when we are challenged by biological evolution mechanism. Otherwise, running is very similar to pulling tactics. In this situation, you will show that if the war wins, such a fury pleasure is released. If it fails, then we will challenge it if we are challenged When I meet the challenge, I will go to fight or advise, basically in this way, this is the rage is released. Basically, all competitive games are related to rage. We have a lot of pressure in our daily life, and we can’t arrange, or take a knife to cut people at will. It is impossible. But we can simulate such a thing in the game. All things prohibited by the state are often the things that human needs can be shown very much. There is one of the strangest things about these skin designs in all game armor. We all say that all armor is essentially in the whole torso, the most vulnerable or lethal point is the heart. Basically all games are exposed to female characters in the skin, especially in the heart area. This design is very strange and abnormal from the function attribute. What he meets is not the functional demand, but the demand of lust. Can you say that buying a skin is not only good-looking, it doesn’t give you attributes? We see the demand point of the game itself here. Why can’t we stop playing games? There is a model in it: flow + addiction = long-term experience, flow + addiction, skin + attributes.

he will bring you to eat these things that you don’t need. It’s very similar to playing games and shaking the sound. For example, it’s 11:30 now. You say I’ll play for half an hour and then sleep tiktok. Look at the three point again. That’s what we will find in this process is that you are experiencing a gluttony in this process. What will happen to

when eating gluttony? When you first notice three, you will be shy at this time and feel that it is not good. Sometimes you will do some extreme operations to prevent the experience of eating too much, and you will uninstall the game or shake your voice. But once the pressure starts to tiktok again, it is the symptom of overeating. In medical terms, overeating is a symptom. This is the result of the flow response. It is the capital of pride and jealousy that overeating brings through the flow of heart experience. To be stronger and to become beautiful is to hope to be arrogant capital and avoid being a lemon of envy. So you find that everything is an eternal set of things. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12