The final version of Android 11 will be released on September 8

On Wednesday, Google released its second beta version of the Android 11 operating system, and plans to release another beta version of the operating system before it goes public. Google has now launched a special survey of pixel smartphone users on Android 11 beta 2.

Android 11 will still be affected. Google will poll users for the required fix

pixel beta programmers can provide feedback to help Google identify improvements and deterioration between versions, and prioritize problem areas.

the survey raises questions about ten dimensions and components of Android, including stability, performance, messaging, and applications. Ask the question “would you recommend it to your friends and family?” Android 11 beta 2 is in the current state.

also requires developers to compare the second beta with the previous version. For snacks, the user is asked to specify the most problematic area he is facing and whether to exit the Android beta program test program. In the last blank field, you can keep any comments and wishes about Android 11 beta 2.

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Author: zmhuaxia