The first 144hz high-speed screen, millet 10 series ushered in a new member

As for Xiaomi 10 mobile phone, I believe everyone is very familiar with it. As the flagship series of Xiaomi in this year, Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi 10 pro, Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition and Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition, have successfully formed a matrix. Although the sales volume is uneven, it has also successfully helped the development of Xiaomi mobile phone. < / P > < p > what is worth mentioning is that Xiaomi will hold a new product release overseas and release a new product called Xiaomi 10t. New members of Xiaomi 10 series are welcome, which can not help arousing my interest in this mobile phone. It is said that this conference is facing the German market, and Xiaomi 10t mobile phone will be equipped with 144hz high refresh rate LCD screen, which is the first time in the history of Xiaomi mobile phone. We are looking forward to the performance of its screen. At the same time, Xiaomi 10t also carries a 100 million pixel lens of the same model of Xiaomi cc9 pro, with a 1 / 1.33 inch soles, which makes people look forward to taking photos. < / P > < p > in addition, in terms of product performance, Xiaomi 10t adopts the high pass snapdragon 865 processor. With the improvement of screen refresh rate, the battery capacity is also increased to 5000mAh. Obviously, Xiaomi is not stingy in terms of materials. < / P > < p > now in Thailand’s offline stores, there are already posters for Xiaomi 10t. Through the configuration information exposed today, we can see that the comprehensive strength of Xiaomi 10t is not bad. I believe that the market reaction will be very good. As long as the price is appropriate, there will be a good feedback on the sales volume. What do you think? It is said that Xiaomi 10t pro and Xiaomi 10t Lite will be released together to position different price markets. Obviously, Xiaomi 10t has a high determination to enter the overseas market and has invested a lot of manpower and financial resources. And this is what domestic mobile phone manufacturers are doing. With the saturation of domestic mobile phone market, overseas market has become a new place for competition. < / P > < p > finally, it is a pity that there is no domestic version of Xiaomi 10t. However, Xiaomi may adopt similar configuration on redmi series and put it on redmi’s next-generation products. Not long ago, Lei Jun also exposed that the high-throughput 875 processor is already on the road. Obviously, the new product of Xiaomi’s mobile phone next year is worth looking forward to. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?