The first batch of iPhone 12 users commented: good reviews are real, but bad reviews hit the nail on the head

Among the four models in this year’s iPhone 12 series, the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 is the largest upgraded model. Compared with the previous version, the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 has the same wide-angle and ultra wide-angle as the iPhone 12 pro. It also reduces the size of the body and reduces the weight of the body without changing the display area. From the current sales data and online discussion trends, the iPhone 12 is likely to replace the iPhone 11 as the new blockbuster. It has been several days since the first launch of the iPhone 12. At present, many consumers have got the real machine. How about the actual experience of the iPhone 12? Let’s take a look at the real feedback from the first users. < / P > < p > I selected some representative iPhone 12 user reviews. The review data comes from Jingdong platform. The reason why I chose Jingdong platform is that there are more reviews on this platform, which is more referential. On the other hand, Jingdong platform has clearly marked three comment categories: positive comment, medium comment and bad comment, while tmall does not have it. It is more convenient and direct to view user comments. According to the data, at present, the cumulative evaluation number of iPhone 12 in Jingdong is 5600 +, of which 5300 + are highly praised, 90% are medium reviews, 100% are poor reviews, and the positive rate is 96%. < / P > < p > in these comments, I selected three positive, medium and bad comments. First of all, let’s look at the positive part. The first user said that the size of the iPhone 12 is significantly smaller than that of the previous generation, which is suitable for one hand holding. However, due to the flat middle frame, the bare machine grip will be a little bit harsh. In addition, the screen, signal, video anti shake, wireless charging and other aspects have been significantly improved, but the fever is also obvious, and the ghost image still exists. The second user said that he was very satisfied with the size, screen and performance of the body. The white version is good-looking, but it’s not good without headphones and chargers. The third user said that the appearance is light and thin, the screen display effect is good, the night scene mode has been upgraded, the 5g experience is good, and the standby time is similar to that of the iPhone 11, but there is no improvement. In addition, the user also said that the blue color was ok, not so ugly. < / P > < p > next, let’s look at the evaluation section. The first user said that the iPhone 12 is relatively light and light in 5g mobile phones. The screen sound effect is very good, the running speed is very fast, the photo effect will be acceptable, and the service life is not ideal. If there is an iPhone 11, it is not recommended to start. The second user said that blue reluctantly accepted it, but personally thought the cost performance was not high. The screen display is good, the operation is OK, the endurance performance is average, compared with the previous generation, there will be fever when playing games. The third user thought that the blue color was very beautiful, the appearance was very similar to the fourth and fifth generation iPhones, and the handle was very familiar. He thinks that Apple was cunning before. The mobile phone supported fast charging, but only gave a 5V / 1A charger. This time, Apple was very frank and gave you nothing but a data line. < / P > < p > finally, let’s look at the negative comments section. The first user said the iPhone 12’s battery life was poor. It was fully charged before going to bed, and 15% of its power was off overnight. The second user said that the screen had obvious scratches just one day after use. The third user also reflected a serious power failure problem. Generally speaking, users who are satisfied with the iPhone 12 feel that its appearance, performance, signal, screen display, video capture and other aspects are very good, but there are still some problems, for example, it is easy to get hot when playing games, there are still ghosts in taking photos, and there is no charging head. Users who are not satisfied with the iPhone 12 are generally disappointed with the phone’s endurance performance. In fact, since the launch of the iPhone 12 series, there has been a lot of concern about the battery life. Although Apple said the A14 chip has brought about an improvement in power consumption, the battery capacity is still reduced, and the power consumption on 5g network is higher than that on 4G network. < / P > < p > according to the horizontal endurance comparison test conducted by Tom s Guide for iPhone 12 and other 5g mobile phones, it is found that after the iPhone 12 turns on 5g, the service life of iPhone 12 is reduced by up to 2 hours compared with that under 4G network. Compared with Samsung, Galaxy S20, one plus 8t are also at the bottom. In addition, some users commented that the screen quality of the iPhone 12 was not so good, and it had obvious scratches after just using it for a day or two. < / P > < p > finally, it should be noted that the blue color of the iPhone 12 is controversial. Previous searches have also been conducted. People who like it will find it beautiful, while those who don’t like it will find it ugly. This can be seen from user reviews. Therefore, if you are more concerned about this color matching, it is recommended to go offline to experience the real machine first. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer