The first batch of poor evaluation of mate40pro, Huawei was criticized for screen problems again!

Huawei’s annual flagship mate 40 series was officially released yesterday. As the only mobile phone manufacturer to rush into the high-end market in China, Huawei’s new product release has attracted the attention of many users, and this time there is no exception. Unlike in previous years, the first model of mate40 series is only mate40pro or above. Its price is from 6499 yuan, which directly surpasses the iPhone 12 series launched a few days ago. Surprisingly, although the price has been so high, there is still a shortage of supply. At present, the e-commerce channels have been announced to be exhausted, while the offline channels have begun to pay a premium of more than 500 yuan per set, which shows the popularity of mate 40 series this year. < / P > < p > after the price of mate40 was announced yesterday, offline channels have begun to sell. For online shopping students, today is the day when they receive their mobile phones. After a simple unpacking experience, the first batch of comments on mate40pro has been published, and the editor sorted it out at the first time to see what the pollens have said? < p > < p > at present, mate40pro is highly praised by 98%, For a 6000 + flagship machine, this ratio is not bad. The positive comments are mainly about those: < / P > < p > the negative comments of the first netizen are: Huawei mate40pro, its own iphone11promax and galaxy After comparing fold2, its appearance hardware is not as good as Samsung’s, especially in the screen display; in addition, its system software is not as good as Apple’s. The key is that Huawei is proud of 5g and taking photos, which is not obvious in this netizen’s opinion. In the end, he gave a score of 65 points. Fortunately, he passed.

mobile phone users feel that the small phone is unfair, the first price comparison of the two phones are much more expensive than HUAWEI Mate40Pro, and Apple’s system and Samsung’s screen are the first in the industry, HUAWEI is not as good as they are obvious, even if Mate40Pro is using Samsung screen is also unable to compare with them, make complaints about HUAWEI’s 5G and beat. It takes time to verify the photo. I won’t say it here. < / P > < p > the second netizen’s poor comment mainly said that the external sound quality was not as good as the glory 30pro, which was cheaper than him. This should not be possible. It is not ruled out that it is an individual phenomenon. Some students who meet with it will finally go to the after-sales inspection. In addition, the user also make complaints about 8G storage, which can only be used by 2G, and can not play games. < / P > < p > in this case, it should be that the mobile phone’s own software has taken over the storage of the mobile phone. No matter which brand new machine has, there will be some third-party software. If you don’t want to uninstall it by yourself, the operation of mate40pro should still be about 5g after unloading, and the rest will be occupied by the system. This is a normal phenomenon. < / P > < p > the last netizen’s bad comment is more detailed. It should have been experiencing for some time, and it seems to be more pertinent. First of all, the student felt that the mate40pro felt heavier, and it was easier to get fingerprints on the bright black. Secondly, he was not satisfied with the display effect of the screen, and the screen needed lottery because there was not only one screen supplier for this mobile phone. In addition, the game consumed too much power and could not keep up with the charging speed. In summary, the overall cost performance of mate40pro is not high relative to its price of 7000 yuan. < / P > < p > it seems that Huawei still hasn’t got rid of the label of “poor screen”, which can’t be erased. This year, mate40pro’s screen should be home-made “Zhou Dongyu array” and Samsung’s “Diamond array”, which is still common in the industry. < / P > < p > one is to avoid the shortage of materials; the other is that if only one screen is used, it will be too late to remedy any problems in the later stage. Therefore, it is understandable to use two or even three kinds of materials for a mobile phone. As for the purchase of that one, it really depends on luck. However, the domestic screen has made great progress in the past two years, and the gap with Samsung screen is very small, which can be ignored.

OK, these are the three make complaints about the first batch of Mate 40Pro. In general, Tucao’s object is HUAWEI’s screen problem. Do you think these bad comments are realistic? Say what you think. New product launch

Author: zmhuaxia