The first batch of Xiaomi 11, the flagship of Xiaolong 875, may adopt a hole digging screen

On September 2, just last week, Xiaomi showed the third generation of off screen camera technology, which reached the commercial standard of mass production and officially commercial next year. The blogger @ digital chat station has exploded. The engineering machine of small meter digital iteration adopts the small aperture hole digging screen scheme, and it is not sure which new camera will be used under the screen for the time being. As a rule, the next generation of flagship digital series will be named Xiaomi 11. The current available forms are the digging screen and the true comprehensive screen. The use of the digging screen means that the mass production machine may continue this scheme. It is speculated that millet mix may take the lead in using the technology of under screen camera. Since the release of millet mix 3, millet has not launched the mix series mass production machine again, in order to pursue the ultimate design and experience. As the best solution to realize the real full screen, the new mix products of millet may be the first to use. And digital series may continue to use the hole digging screen scheme, and make the hardware configuration to the maximum. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer