The first domestic hydrogen fuel cell hybrid electric locomotive comes off the line

Original title: the first domestic hydrogen fuel cell hybrid electric locomotive comes off the line

On January 27, the first domestic hydrogen fuel cell hybrid locomotive was rolled off the production line of CRRC Datong Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CRRC Datong). This is the latest achievement of industrial application of hydrogen energy in the field of railway locomotives in China, marking a key breakthrough in hydrogen energy utilization technology in China, and China’s railway locomotive equipment has entered the global highland of hydrogen energy technology.

What are the characteristics of this hydrogen fuel cell hybrid locomotive?

“Hydrogen fuel cell hybrid power is a new major technological leap after the hybrid power composed of internal combustion unit and lithium battery pack, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency. The test operation data show that the energy conversion efficiency of hydrogen fuel cell is significantly higher than that of traditional internal combustion unit. At the same time, by using regenerative braking technology, the locomotive can absorb the regenerative energy when braking. By formulating a reasonable energy management strategy, the optimal energy output can be achieved. ” Zhao Mingyuan, deputy general manager and chief engineer of CRRC Datong, said that the locomotive has a design speed of 80 km / h, a continuous power of 700 kW, a full load of hydrogen, a single machine running for 24.5 hours, and a maximum traction load of more than 5000 tons on straight roads.

Zhai Wanming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and chief professor of Southwest Jiaotong University, said that this way of obtaining energy without burning is safe and reliable. It not only has low operation noise, low cost and convenient maintenance, but also only discharges water, which fully realizes zero emission of carbon and pollutants.

Why study hydrogen fuel cell hybrid electric locomotive?

Hydrogen ranks first in the periodic table, accounting for 75% of the mass of the universe. On the earth, hydrogen is mainly stored in water in the form of compound, and water is the most extensive substance on the earth. “As an important clean energy, the rational use of hydrogen fuel is an important scientific and technological highland for all countries in the world. Especially in the field of transportation, the development of hydrogen energy has become an important industrial development direction and has been widely used.” Zhao Mingyuan said that at present, hydrogen fuel has been successfully applied in aerospace, automobile, urban tram and other fields in China.

At present, China’s railway locomotive power is divided into two categories: non electric and electric.

The development history of non electric locomotive includes steam (coal), fuel oil and the latest hydrogen. Among them, both coal and fuel have air pollution caused by emissions, fuel also has certain noise; the development history of electric locomotive is DC, AC, and the latest permanent magnet direct drive. The locomotive efficiency was improved by 80%, 85% and 90% respectively.

According to preliminary statistics, China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. currently has 20000 locomotives, including 7000 diesel locomotives, 2800 DC electric locomotives and 10200 AC electric locomotives. In 2019, the locomotive energy consumption will be 16.34 million tons of standard coal.

At the beginning of 2020, CRRC Datong set up the research and development project of hydrogen fuel cell application technology locomotive, which is also an important project of CRRC “power system matching and vehicle key technology research of fuel cell hybrid shunting locomotive”. In June, it applied for a major project of Shanxi science and technology. The scheme design of the project will be completed in May 2020, the technical design will be completed in June, the trial production will be started in September, and the sample vehicle commissioning will be completed in December.

Experts believe that hydrogen fuel cell hybrid electric locomotive has good economic benefits. Compared with traditional fuel and electric locomotives, hydrogen fuel cell hybrid locomotives have no emission of any pollutants, and do not need to rebuild the power grid. They have more obvious advantages in relatively closed subway, tunnel, mine and other environments, and lower application and maintenance costs. Modular design is adopted for the whole vehicle, and modular installation is realized for all equipment including the cab, This also enables the hydrogen hybrid locomotive to flexibly match different power levels and different power modes such as traditional + new energy according to the actual needs and application conditions of customers.

(editor in chief: Zhao Zhuqing, LV Qian)