The first flash of pro-1205 can’t be charged as fast as Qoo


talks about iQOO brand, people will think of its fast charging speed, whether it is the 44W super fast flash technology that the first product carries, or the 55W awesome flash charging of a higher level, which makes its competitive advantage even more prominent. The 120W, which appeared on vivo MWC last year, has also been put into commercial use this year. With the release of iqoo 5 pro, the fast charging of 100W is no longer an extravagant hope. It can make the mobile phone “full of blood and revive” in 15 minutes, which can almost change the charging habits of users and make people feel “hard to return once used”.

  iQOO 5 The 120W ultra fast flash charge of Pro adopts the combination of 20V / 6A input power. The reason for choosing such a “ratio” is that the engineer has made a unanimous decision after full investigation and analysis, because the user’s daily charging scenarios, such as bending or portability, should be taken into account. Considering the above reasons, the engineer thinks that the charging line can reach the maximum through the current of about 6A To the comfort, safety, fast critical point, so that the user’s charging experience to achieve the best. In addition, in order to effectively control the problem of high heating caused by higher power fast charging, iqoo 5 The built-in 120W ultra fast flash charge of Pro adopts the structure of double charge pump. Compared with the traditional single charge pump, this structure not only improves the conversion rate, but also divides a heat source into two smaller heat sources by arranging two charge pump chips separately, so as to divide the arrangement of heat sources and reduce the calorific value. At the same time, its IC architecture and advanced process technology make the charging conversion rate reach the highest level in the industry, and the stability is also improved. < / P > < p > iqoo 5 pro’s 120W ultra fast flash charging also launched 6C cell in the industry, which is more in line with the standard of 120W ultra fast flash charging than the 3C cell with the highest specification on the market. A single 2000mAh cell supports the maximum 12a input current, which improves its load capacity in an all-round way. At the same time, it is the first to support the German Rhine TV safe fast charging system certification 120W fast charging, which can bring users comfortable charging experience in three aspects of safety, speed and compatibility. < / P > < p > in addition to the German Rhine safe fast charging, it also passed 41 rigorous tests in 9 categories, including the safety test of unauthorized batteries, 2000 times of simulated human extrusion micro deformation charging safety test, and metal layered short circuit test. The multi-directional test highlights iqoo’s attention to 120W ultra fast flash charging. At the same time, in order to reduce the charging energy consumption from the root, iqoo 5 Pro has built-in MTW array lug structure, which is simply to make multiple parallel connections inside the cell to reduce the impedance of the cell and inhibit the battery heating at the source end. < / P > < p > in terms of basic experience, iqoo 5 Pro, as always, continues its previous super heat dissipation capability. It has built-in superconducting VC liquid cooling system. Through a variety of heat dissipation materials and multiple ways, it forms a comprehensive three-dimensional heat dissipation system, which increases the total heat dissipation area by 20%. When charging, the surface temperature of the fuselage is only 40-40.5 ° C, which is lower than the temperature after playing multiple games, indicating that the heat dissipation capability is really good. < / P > < p > the 120W ultra fast flash charging on iqoo 5 Pro can not only fully charge the mobile phone in 15 minutes, but also significantly improve the charging safety, heat dissipation and power consumption through the optimization and upgrading of a number of technologies and basic experience. It is a true iqoo style mobile phone. If you focus on hard core capabilities such as performance, endurance and charging speed, iqoo 5 Pro is a good choice. New product launch