The first line of millet Lei Jun’s first voice: 200 million yuan tiktok, 49999 yuan TV second light.

did not speak long after 10th anniversary tiktok, August 16th – just MIUI 10th anniversary, and the founder, chairman and CEO Lei Jun of millet made his first live broadcast with the jitter. On that day, Xiaomi released biographies, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition and other commodities, as well as transparent TV products. During the 618 year of

, Lei Jun sold the products from June 1st tiktok to June 18th, and this is the first time that she has personally released live products.

Lei Jun said, “the upper voice is forced by the sales department, but he is not good at live broadcasting with goods”. Before he sowed, he prepared a pile of copies, and laughed tiktok, “if we fail to turn over the cars, everyone will smile.” < p > < p > according to 36 krypton, the audience of Lei Jun’s two-and-a-half-hour live broadcast reached more than 1.8 million. During this period, Lei Jun also ranked first in the live broadcast hour list of the whole station for many times. According to the data from millet, the first time the Lei Jun’s voice and voice tiktok was less than 2 hours, the amount of payment had already been broken by 100 million yuan, and the final cargo was over 200 million yuan. < / P > < p > in the live broadcast room, Lin bin, co-founder of Xiaomi and Yang Hua, founder of pure rice technology of Xiaomi ecological chain company, also frequently gave awards in the studio, ranking among the top five of Lei Jun’s contribution to the first show of sound wave. < p > < p > Lei Jun is still familiar with hunger marketing. In this live broadcast, Xiaomi released 5000 sets of Xiaomi 10 exclusive commemorative edition, which was quickly robbed. Before Lei Jun withdrew from the live broadcasting room, the popularity dropped. In order to stimulate sales, Xiaomi replenished some models. However, some color matching and capacity models were not sold out. < p > < p > before the broadcast, Lei Jun also announced two important decisions. First, Xiaomi started the journey of “re entrepreneurship”. Four Group executives, including Wang Xiang, Zhou Shouzi, Zhang Feng and Lu Weibing, became partners of Xiaomi and launched the new decade entrepreneur plan. The core of the strategy is to upgrade the mobile phone to AIX in the next decade. < p > < p > in the letter, Lei Jun pointed out that aiot business should become the catalyst and combustion promoter of mobile phone business, penetrate more scenes, win more users, obtain massive traffic and data, and become the moat of Xiaomi business model. Lei Jun also said that in the future, Xiaomi will continue to adhere to the “three iron laws” that will never change, namely: technology-based, cost-effective as the key, and making the coolest products. August 16 is the ninth anniversary of Xiaomi mobile phone and the 10th anniversary of MIUI. On this special day, I would like to announce several major events to you about the new decade of Xiaomi. In the past decade, smart phones have always been Xiaomi’s most important core business. In the foreseeable future, smart phones will still be the most powerful personal mobile computing center, the control center with the longest time and the most frequent interaction with users, and also the largest electronic equipment in the market. Smart phones are the core business directly related to the success or failure of our business and the cornerstone of our business model. Therefore, all Xiaomi people should show their fearless courage and faith in winning, and resolutely attack the main battlefield of smart phones. At the same time, aiot business will focus on the core business of mobile phones to build intelligent life, and to be an amplifier of millet value. < / P > < p > with the further integration of intelligent interconnection, the core strategy of “mobile phone x aiot” will emphasize multiplication effect more. The core business of mobile phone and the ecological layout of aiot are no longer simple addition, nor are they simple juxtaposition relations, but equations that can lead to the transformation of quality and energy. Aiot business should become the catalyst and combustion promoter of mobile phone business, penetrate more scenes, win more users, obtain massive traffic and data, and become the moat of Xiaomi business model, so that everyone in the world can enjoy the wonderful life brought by science and technology, and let Xiaomi become the leader of future lifestyle. From a bowl of millet porridge to the youngest of the world’s top 500, we have achieved one miracle after another. At the beginning of the new decade, the world is full of uncertainty. We are in the most competitive track. We still have many problems to be solved. How do we go in the future? < p > < p > five days ago, I mentioned in my speech on Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary that in the future, we will continue to adhere to Xiaomi’s “three iron laws”, that is, technology-based, cost-effective and the coolest products. < / P > < p > we firmly believe that no matter how time and space change, technological innovation is our constant pursuit and the premise of always maintaining competitiveness; cost performance is a business model that will never go out of date, and the efficiency behind it is the magic weapon through the economic cycle; making the coolest product is the duty of Xiaomi engineer culture. The “three iron laws” are the guarantee for Xiaomi to maintain high-quality development, and are our declaration for the next decade. Since its establishment, Xiaomi has always adhered to the entrepreneurial culture and partner culture. In the past ten years, this culture has attracted a large number of outstanding talents, gathered a pioneering team with the company’s mission as its own responsibility, and encouraged and driven the rapid development of the company, and made remarkable achievements. < / P > < p > in the new decade, we will start a new business again. We need a strong team and a steady stream of outstanding talents. With a strong sense of ownership, we will carry forward Xiaomi’s strong engineer culture, sincere and loving values, and “focus, extreme, word-of-mouth, fast” Internet methodology, with a strong sense of ownership, and with the mentality of making progress bravely We will make great efforts to open up and forge ahead. < / P > < p > therefore, we are determined to expand the partnership team, so that more outstanding partners with a sense of mission, a sense of responsibility, outstanding military achievements, both political integrity and ability, highly identify with and practice Xiaomi’s cultural values, become a member of Xiaomi’s partner team, and share risks and interests with the company. Xiaomi’s partnership system is not only the collective decision-making mechanism of the group’s core issues, but also the inheritance mechanism of Xiaomi’s cultural values and Internet methodology. The addition of new partners will greatly enhance Xiaomi’s strategic traction and action durability in the next decade, and provide stronger core management guarantee for Xiaomi’s new journey. With the addition of five partners, the group will continue to move forward with five new partners. < p > < p > in addition to the partnership system, Xiaomi’s new decade entrepreneur plan has also been launched. We will select 100 young cadres who agree with Xiaomi’s mission, vision and values, have the ability and potential, and have outstanding military achievements in their core positions. We will give rewards to similar early entrepreneurs, and encourage them to work with the company to draw a beautiful blueprint for the next ten years with entrepreneurial mentality and engagement. < / P > < p > one person may walk fast, and a group of people can go far. To continuously explore, introduce and cultivate talents, and to establish a talent echelon with ability, ambition, momentum and responsibility is the foundation for the sustainable development of our cause. Xiaomi will continue to provide sufficient space and rich returns for talents at all levels, so that every colleague can make great efforts. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?