The first low-cost iPhone in history, after October 31, is facing global shutdown!

As we all know, Apple’s flagship iPhone 12 Series in the half year of 2020 was officially released in the early morning of the 14th. This iPhone has become the starting point of Apple’s next decade, and apple has officially entered the 5g era. Although there are some belated meanings, it does not affect that it has become the most popular smart phone in China. In just three days, the number of appointments has exceeded one million Machine market has become saturated, this environment can maintain a super hot mobile phone brand, I think it is apple! < p > < p > today, the author introduces the first low-cost iPhone in Apple history. After October 31, facing the global shutdown, it has been officially listed in the outdated product list, which is the iPhone 5C! As Apple’s first colorful shell design model, the iPhone 5C was once famous and became the first choice for many young fruit fans. It added a variety of colors such as red, white, blue and black, making it the most colorful model in Apple’s previous models. However, it started at 16GB, with a high configuration of 32GB, and its initial price also reached 4488 yuan, let alone five years ago Even now, it’s skyrocketing. < / P > < p > at present, the iPhone 12mini, which supports dual-mode 5g, only started at 5499 yuan. It can be seen how “high price and low configuration” of the iPhone 5S was at the beginning, and the final popularity of the iPhone 5S was far less than that of the then iPhone 5S. It should be pointed out that the iPhone 5C is still one of the cheapest iPhones in history, and its debut place is also popular. However, unlike other iPhone models, the popularity of iPhone 5C has declined in less than half a year. On the contrary, other apple models can almost survive for three years by reducing the price. Undoubtedly, it is the most failed Apple phone in history. According to the latest report, apple is the most failed one Make a new decision, iPhone 5C will stop production globally after October 31! < / P > < p > you can buy the configuration. The iPhone 5C is equipped with apple A6 processor and runs the latest IOS 7 system at that time. It has a light touch and clear image quality. However, the pixels and storage space are very small. With 8 million single camera lens and 1GB running memory, this configuration is not as good as a 100 yuan computer now! At that time, the iPhone has entered the era of metal fuselage. The iPhone 5C is in the positioning position, and the plastic shell is considered. Although the color matching is more fashionable, the handle is not satisfactory, and it is also very bad to cool down when playing games in summer. In terms of screen, the iPhone 5C uses a 4-inch multi touch screen, which gives people a sense of cheap! < / P > < p > considering that the iPhone 5C has been released for a long time, even Apple’s stapled models rarely use it, so Apple discontinued the model. According to the report, macrumors has obtained an internal memorandum. Apple plans to add the iPhone 5C to the outdated and discontinued product lists of all countries on October 31. It is precisely because of the failure of the iPhone 5C that Apple later launched a cheap iPhone, which was very conservative. It was only this year that it launched the second generation of iPhone. It is believed that apple can not make a “low-end computer”. You have used this iPhone One5c? Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?