The first off screen camera mobile phone will finally be released, and the door of the era of full screen has been knocked

On the morning of August 12, ZTE president Ni Fei announced that the world’s first off screen camera smart phone will be released. According to the small tail of the article, it is speculated that the model to be released will be ZTE a205g mobile phone. That’s right. The off screen camera and mobile phone are coming! To explore its fascinating place, lies in the proportion of its high screen and no lack of shocking visual impression. In terms of real commercial off screen cameras, ZTE may be in the forefront of the industry this time. < / P > < p > looking at the full screen mobile phones on the market, most of them are full screen solutions such as profiled bangs, digging holes, dripping water, lifting, etc., but it is obvious that these are not perfect comprehensive screens. If you want to truly achieve full screen display, the first thing to solve is the placement of the front camera. How to meet the needs of front self shooting and achieve a perfect and shocking visual impression, it is obviously the best way to “hide”. < p > < p > in fact, as early as June this year, domestic OLED supplier vicino announced the world’s first mass production level off screen camera solution. With the help of new transparent OLED devices, new driver circuits and pixel structures, and introduction of high transparent materials, it finally presents high-quality screen display effect and realizes a truly comprehensive screen. Vsino is a domestic OLED supplier established in 2001. Its predecessor is the OLED project team of Tsinghua University established in 1996. Its main products include AMOLED flexible folding screen launched in 18 years, and Xiaomi mix α screen which was amazing in four places last year. In addition to cooperation with Xiaomi, in July this year, vicino also signed a cooperation agreement with Huawei, and the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of display. < / P > < p > unexpectedly, less than three months after the release of vicino’s off screen camera solution, this technology has officially entered the commercial stage, and is applied to the upcoming ZTE a205g mobile phone. Since the mobile phone has not yet been released, how about its real performance? Let’s call a question mark first? Let’s talk about the difficulties of the camera under the screen first! < / P > < p > for a mobile phone equipped with an off screen camera, the three difficulties of transparency, photographing and display must be overcome. When using the off screen camera technology, no matter what state the camera is in, it should meet the requirements of normal screen display. At the same time, the imaging quality of the front camera should also be considered when taking pictures with the front camera. < / P > < p > the first thing to consider is the light transmission of the mobile phone screen. At present, the mobile phones equipped with fingerprint identification under the optical screen on the market have considered the transparency of the screen in the design. With the help of refraction and reflection of light, the fingerprint image obtained is compared with the first recorded image of the mobile phone. Finally, the identification judgment is made to determine the quality of the fingerprint image obtained It’s not very demanding. If the off screen camera wants to achieve clear image shooting, it must fully ensure the light input of the screen, which undoubtedly has higher requirements for the transparency of the mobile phone screen. < / P > < p > in order to solve the problem of light transmission on the screen and improve the transparency of the front camera area, vicino divides the mobile phone screen into two parts. The new organic film and inorganic material with higher transparency are used on the top of the front camera area, and the film structure is transparent. At the same time, the metal layer structure of the screen is optimized and transparent conductive layer is used Instead of the original non transparent metal material, the metal layer which can not be replaced by transparent conductive layer adopts new material, so as to achieve the dual effect of enhancing transparency and restraining diffraction. < / P > < p > because the camera needs to shoot through the screen, the image quality is bound to be affected. In addition to the light transmission of the screen, the screen pixel driving circuit will also interfere with the camera. In order to solve this problem, vicino adopts the industry’s first driver circuit and pixel structure design to avoid the interference of pixel driving circuit, and suppress the influence of transparent area display routing and pixels on the front camera, which greatly improves the performance of the front camera Imaging effect. < / P > < p > but on the premise of high transparency and good quality of front camera, the display of screen becomes a problem. Due to the different display materials used in the screen, there will be some differences in the display effect. The transition layer in the middle is also a problem worth considering. How to achieve the balance between the two is very important. Vicino mainly uses special pixel arrangement to weaken the display effect of transparent layer and conventional layer, so that the transition between main and secondary screens is more natural. < / P > < p > in addition to the display effect, the delay between the transparent area and the non transparent area may also appear, while vicino adopts an innovative driving mode to make the display effect between the transparent screen and the non transparent screen more synchronous. In addition, there may be differences in the color, brightness and viewing angle of the screen display in the two areas. Vicino official said that the new OLED device can solve these problems. < / P > < p > in order to catch more consumers’ eyes and bring more freshness, the off screen camera is bound to become one of the main selling points of major mobile phone manufacturers in the second half of the year. But what is the performance of the off screen camera? Is it really mature? Can it really be accepted by consumers? Is it the final form of full screen? All of these have yet to be considered. However, it is undeniable that with the continuous maturity of off screen camera technology, the nearly perfect off screen camera is bound to become the mainstream full screen solution, and the next full screen era has quietly arrived. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo

Author: zmhuaxia