The first “space force” of the United States has been deployed and has not gone to space. Where did they go?

According to global network, the first U.S. space force has been fully deployed recently. But strangely, they didn’t go into space, so where did they go? It is understood that this space force has been deployed to a certain extent in Qatar, a middle east country. This force, which is currently composed of 20 U.S. troops, will be mainly responsible for satellite operation, space conflict prevention, and monitoring of the “enemy”. However, this so-called “space force” has been ridiculed by the outside world, because people did not expect that the “space force” was not deployed to outer space, but was deployed to Qatar, which is also a pity. According to the relevant reports of Russia today, Todd Benson, the commander of the “space force”, gave a detailed introduction to it. In addition to claiming that the current size of the force is only 20 people, he also clearly told the outside world that the force had officially arrived in the capital area of Qatar as early as last month. For so long, the force has been at Uday Air Force Base in the desert southwest of Doha. Benson said that in the following process, the space force will carry out a number of cooperation, and in order to better complete the mission, more pilots will join the force, even join their “core sky operation team”! The United States has never stopped its work on outer space exploration. So in this project, the United States has also invested a lot of effort. But relatively speaking, this investment for the outside world, is particularly ironic. Like RT’s ridicule in the report, who would have thought that a combat unit that was clearly named “space force” was only deployed at an air base in Qatar, instead of starting work as a name goes to a planet in outer space. Of course, the U.S. establishment of a space force was not optimistic at the beginning, but was also criticized by both China and Russia. As the commander of the whole force, Benson stressed in an interview with the US media that people should be able to see that all countries are paying close attention to the exploration of outer space. It is necessary for the United States to realize that other countries are trying to extend the overall conflict to space through all kinds of aggressive momentum. Therefore, in order to win a more favorable situation, they must participate in the whole competition to defend the overall interests of the United States. Benson has never mentioned such a statement from the beginning to the end. The “country” he referred to did not specifically disclose which country it was! However, the relevant media believe that since the space force is deployed in the Persian Gulf region, it is likely that the country referred to is Iran! < / P > < p > the media believe that the United States’ attention to Iran is definitely more than what we can see at present. What’s more, the early stage has already successfully launched a satellite into outer space through its own strength. It was clearly Iran’s achievements in the space industry, but in the end, it was severely criticized by Washington. So it seems that the United States is still not going to stop any of its attacks on Iran. The United States even believes that Iran has successfully launched a satellite, which poses the most direct threat to them, and this satellite is the best evidence. It can only be said that the establishment of a space force by the United States has aroused the concern and fear of many countries. The United States claims that this is to ensure the freedom of movement of the United States in space, but in the outside world, it may bring more threatening activities! In response to the US’s definition of space as a combat area, senior colonel Wu Qian, spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of defense, pointed out earlier that outer space has always been the common property of all mankind, and any country with any status or strength is not qualified to privatize it. Therefore, the United States has set up a special space force under the pretext of military threats from other countries, which has seriously threatened the peace and stability of space. China strongly opposes this! New product launch