The first TV 5g support! Iqoo 5 Series release: iqoo5 is fast and fierce, 5g is no longer a blind spot

On August 17, iqqo held the iqoo 5 series online new product launch conference in the afternoon, officially released 120W flash charging technology and iqoo 5 series mobile phones, which once again added a new game experience to the game competition industry. < / P > < p > according to the information at the press conference, iqoq 5 series is positioned to compete with BMW M motorsport as a top partner. On the track, iqoo BMW M4 DTM is the representative of the pursuit of excellent performance; in terms of technology, iqoo has been constantly pursuing performance breakthroughs, insisting on transmitting the competitive experience and extraordinary design concept to every “cool guest”. In the aspect of appearance, iqoo 5 adopts two fading lines at the top, showing hidden energy tone, with star tracking and bright shadow color Pro adopts curved surface flexible screen + weight balance ratio + classic headlight main camera + carbon fiber texture design style. The legendary version adopts black which represents scientific and technological performance and combines legendary three colors and plain leather. The back cover of track version adopts two gradual blue polishing design, which can be selected from legendary version and track version. The overall fuselage is less than 200g, and the thickness and weight are better than those of the previous generation. < p > < p > iqoo 5 Pro is equipped with 6.56 inch 3D hyperbolic flexible screen of 120Hz Samsung AMOLED E3 luminescent material, and supports 240Hz sampling rate; while iqoo 5 adopts 120Hz Samsung AMOLED 2.5D direct flexible screen, which is the important reason why iqoo 5 series can be made light and thin. It has passed SGS low blue light eye protection certification + low drag shadow certification, the blue light proportion has decreased by 7.5%, the color brightness is accurate and more eye protection, the new dynamic compensation algorithm supports hdr10 + technology, and the screen comes with silver ion antibacterial film. In terms of photographing, iqoo 5 series is the first iqoo brand camera with a large upgrade range in history, with a 16 megapixel single camera and a rear three camera. In addition to the main camera and the vivo X50 PRO + Samsung gn1 super large low main camera, there are still differences: < / P > < P > iqoo 5, 50 megapixel main camera + 13 million portrait lens + 13 million ultra wide angle lens, support EIS anti shake, support 20x hybrid zoom; < / P > < p > iqoo 5 pro, 50 megapixel main camera + 13 million ultra wide angle lens + 8 million 5-fold optical zoom lens, support OIS + EIS double anti shake, support full-pixel four in one dual core focusing + 60x hybrid zoom, all of which also add everything lock focus and support star sky mode. In terms of configuration, iqoo 5 is equipped with the mainstream flagship performance iron triangle: Xiaolong 865 + lpddr5 + ufs3.1, and the muti turbo4.0 new energy pyramid + superconducting VC liquid cooling cooling cooling system has been upgraded, and Antu rabbit’s running score has reached 670000. The whole system supports full-function NFC, with independent hifi chip, standard configuration of dual stereo speakers, and built-in two professional customized super linear large amplitude 1210 core internal magnetic speaker units. The 3.5mm earphone hole is cancelled in the whole system, and cs43131 independent hi fi chip is installed, and only hi res audio authentication is supported. In the game experience, iqqo 5 uses z-axis linear motor, while iqoo 5 Pro uses X-axis linear motor. Although the game shoulder key has been cancelled, it can be realized with the lightning game handle. It is still the official machine of KPL King glory professional league. It supports 4D game sense + eagle eye display enhancement 2.0. 64 bit client will be the first to log in to iqoo 5 mobile phone to further develop the hardware performance. In terms of network experience, iqoo 5 series supports 7-BAND 5g all network communication, including N1 / N3 / n28 / n41 / n77 / N78 / N79. It inherits iqoo 3’s intelligent judgment optimal network characteristics, and can realize four network switching. It supports dual Wi Fi 2.0 and wifi-6, and also carries Bluetooth dual antennas. For users who are used to using Bluetooth headset, the problem of one card for listening to songs will no longer occur. In terms of endurance and fast charging, iqoo 5 has a built-in 4500mAh battery capacity, which supports 55W ultra fast flash charging, while iqoo 5 has a built-in 4500mAh battery capacity Pro has a built-in 4000mAh battery capacity and supports 120W ultra fast flash charging. It is the first charging head of vivo’s iqoo to break through the 120W super fast charging technology. The industry’s first 6C battery cell is equipped with double charge pump, with a conversion rate of 98.5%. A mobile phone with 4500mAh battery is 50% in 5 minutes and fully charged in 15 minutes. It has 24 full link guarantee, and has passed 41 safety and fast charging certification in 9 categories of German Rhine. It supports intelligent judgment of rest time, supports 100 ~ 240V wide voltage input, downward compatible with 18W / 10W / 33W / 44w / 55W power fast charging. It also comes with a 1.5m long data line. It is compatible with 65W PD charging protocol and can charge notebook supporting type-c. < / P > < p > with the release of iqoo 5 series, the revolutionary 120W ultra fast flash charging has changed the new experience of mobile phones. In addition to the lack of wireless charging, other aspects are the standard of the flagship machine. It is not only a “game phone” experience product, but also a product that meets the needs of the public. It not only has a strong experience in the game, but also takes into account the strength of vivo photography and excellent sound quality. The most important point is that the support of n28 band can be described as the real 5g full band support, and the expansion “Gospel” of radio and television users in the future. Science Discovery