The first two horned white rhinoceros in Jiangbei was successfully bred in Jinan wildlife park

On December 26, the captive and naturally bred two horned white rhinoceros in Jinan wildlife park, Shandong Province, first met the audience, marking a new level of natural breeding of rare wild animals in northern China. It is understood that little “Ben Ben” was born in the early morning of October 17, 2020. After 493 days of hard work, her mother finally gave birth to “Ben Ben”. At present, only the zoo in Hangzhou and the nature park in Guangzhou can breed rhinoceros. < / P > < p > since the birth of the first two horned white rhinoceros baby in Jinan wild animal world Jiangbei, it has been highly concerned by all sectors of the society, which is determined by the difficult environment and high technology of artificial captive natural breeding of white rhinoceros population. < / P > < p > with the birth of the baby rhinoceros, Jinan wildlife park has also launched a naming campaign for the baby rhinoceros. After nearly half a month’s registration and voting, baby rhinoceros has chosen its own name – “Ben Ben”. More than 770 netizens participated in the online voting, with a total of 163000 votes and 119000 views, achieving the highest value of online voting activities. < / P > < p > on the morning of December 26, Jinan wildlife world held a love filled fan meeting for baby rhinoceros. In addition to the rhinoceros fans who came to attend the meeting, Jinan wildlife world also invited the top 20 groups of enthusiastic pink families and 5 children born on the same day of the same month to celebrate for baby rhinoceros And send the first batch of tourists’ best wishes to baby rhinoceros. It is understood that baby rhinoceros will officially meet with tourists from now on, opening a new chapter in his life. < p > < p > more than 3000 year of wild animal Carnival in Jinan! The theme of “four year winter carnival”, the carnival of animals in South Africa. Privacy Policy