The foldable Apple iPad may be released in 2023

Folding screen flat panel Market for the present is still in an upward period, but also by fanatics strongly sought after. There have been recent rumors that the new iPad will have a folding screen and that the tablet will have the same display size as a MacBook. Recently, a source said that some sizes of the folding iPad have been exposed. At the same time, he pointed out that the folding iPad or iPhone could be released as early as around 2023, and apple has been studying micro LED technology, but it is expected that the technology will be about three to four years away from commercial use. < / P > < p > for now, apple probably won’t consider folding screen design in the near future, although Apple hopes to launch a special foldable device. As for the forced “operation” of the folding screen iPad, it is reported that the folding iPad may be equipped with a 3nm a series SOC, and its chip may be called a16x or a17x. In the panel design, there will be two panels that can be connected seamlessly. There will also be a camera under the screen that supports touch ID, but face ID is not mentioned. As the rumor of this iPad can be best matched with the iPhone’s undeclared device, it will enhance the reality of the device’s performance. This is not the first time that Apple will launch the folding iPad, which has been rumored several times before, but the news is still being verified. Science Discovery